20 Rising Global Stars
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    D`Eyeko is a brand craeted in 2010 by Audrie Sukoco, 41, and Yohanes Ferry, 42, for their premium fake eyelashes products. The two own eyelash maker PT Bintang Mas Triyasa, which they started in 2008 to make fake eyelashes on an OEM basis under the brand Eyelashes World. Yet they decided, after two years in the business, that it was time for them to make their own branded eyelashes. The D`Eyeko brand is an abbreviation of the name `the eye cosmetic` and applies to premium fakes eyelashes and related products, such as glue and applicators


    Rooted in its hometown of Kudus, Djarum is named after the needle of a gramophone. Djarum has been popular with its clove and tobacco cigarette products since 1951. At that time, the clove and tobacco was blended in a simple manual process using minimal equipment. As demand increased, in early 1970, Djarum started to manufacture in a fully automated process. Two years later, Djarum began exporting handrolled kretek to retailers around the world. 

    Dua Kelinci

    Edwin Sutiono, 31, and Andrew Limanto, 33, are the third generation running PT Dua Kelinci, the pioneer in the roasted peanut business and one of the biggest players in the snack industry in the country. During harvest season, such as now, up to 90 trucks, each loaded with six to seven tonnes of freshly harvested peanuts sourced from Java and Bali, enter the company’s factory in Pati, Central Java, which covers 18 hectares. While peanuts remain its flagship product, the company now produces a wide variety of items, all of them exported worldwide as well as supplying a growing domestic demand.

    Extra Joss

    Extra Joss is an energy drink produced by pharmaceutical firm Kalbe Farma. Started back in 1994, Extra Joss was launched for the first time in sachet packs. In 2001, Extra Joss Tab, an effervescent tablet, was launched in order to compete with other energy drinks, which targeted the high-end market. Today, Extra Joss can be found in overseas markets such as Malaysia, Cambodia, Vietnam, Myanmar, the Philippines, Nepal, India, Nigeria and New Zealand. 

    GT Radial

    GT Radial is a brand under PT Gajah Tunggal, the largest tire maker in Southeast Asia. The company was established in 1951 as bicycle tire manufacturer. Over the years it expanded its production capacity and diversified initially into making of motorcycle tires and tubes, and finally to passenger and commercial vehicle tires.