Adrenaline Rush: Ferrari 812 Superfast Review

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Adrenaline Rush: Ferrari 812 Superfast Review

Sitting on top of the Ferrari line up of cars, the Ferrari 812 Superfast is equipped with the best from the Italian marquee. In an era of turbocharging and hybrids, the proper super Grand Tourer car from Ferrari still equipped with one of the last great V12 naturally aspirated engine and the best one from the brand yet. For starter the engine displacement has increased by 300cc to a whopping 6,500cc compared to the F12Berlinetta that it replaces, the power output now almost reaches 800 horsepower and torque of more than 700 Nm that 80% of it can be reached from 3,500 rpm before maxing out at 7,000 rpm. The engine itself is capable to be revved to a stratospheric 9,000 rpm and guarantees an exhilarating sound track.

The 12 cylinders powertrain is mated to a dual clutch 7 speed gearbox that transfers the power to the rear wheels and capable to sprint the car from a halt to 100 km/h in just 2.9 seconds, top speed is at 340 km/h. The car looks better than the car it succeeds while still maintaining a similar proportion, it is a sleek fastback with a two-box design and a high tail reminiscent of the Ferrari 365 GTB4 (Daytona) of 1969. There are many sculpted designs on the car that made it looked advanced and powerful while still being an elegant super car.

Inside is a typical affair of Ferrari, it is a fine combination of luxury and sportiness. It is a performance-oriented cabin, like the sports car from the brand the car doesn’t have a centre screen and information of the car can be seen through the two screens between the large tachometer. The test car also has the passenger display on the dash, a small horizontal touch screen that can display several data of the car such as speed and rpm to make your passenger experience more exciting. The car can only seats two people and is still drivable normally on the street, the seats are still comfortable and can be electronically adjustable, the ride quality is still decent even though you can feel that the suspension is more on the sporty side.

Not like the sports car from Ferrari, the car still features some practicality, there is a cup holder in the centre console and a small compartment in the centre arm rest that houses the 12V socket and one usb port. There is also a compartment space behind the seat and a trunk in the rear. ForbesLife Indonesia got the chance to experience the car at the BSD Pop Up Circuit, a temporary street circuit in the Serpong Area, some 30 km from Jakarta. The circuit is a suitable place to sample the high revving engine, when putting the pedal to the metal one will experience the quality of one of the finest naturally aspirated engines.

The throttle response is blazingly quick, and the acceleration is breath-taking, the power delivery is linear, and power can be generated with no problem even from low revs. The car easily reaches more than 180 km/h in the first three gears and the sound track of the engine amplified the driving experience, inducing an adrenaline rush as the high-pitched sound even get higher as the revs quickly climb before you shifted and repeat the sensation again. The pace that the car can make is simply astonishing.

The name Superfast may be corny for some, but the car is literally super-fast. Maybe even too fast to be fully enjoyed while in the street, it is tricky to enjoy the car to the limit as the car is very powerful. Unfortunately, the car sometimes can be quite nervous when driven at it limit, a small bump at high speed will makes you a bit worried. One must adapt and master the car more, knowing the limit of the car. Fortunately, Ferrari has equipped the car with a driver aid system that will alert the driver with a subtle vibration and sound warning when the car is already driven at the limit. Making it safer to fully enjoy the car as it is a rear wheel drive car, a powerful one that needs to be mastered and respected.

The car overall handling was excellent, it is equipped with a refined rear wheel steering that made the car more agile. The car also quite capable in the braking department, as it is equipped with similar brakes like the LaFerrari. It is the first Ferrari with an Electric Power Steering (EPS). The steering system was tuned brilliantly. The steering doesn’t feel like an EPS, it’s still properly weighted while still easy to turn. It reacts quickly and accurately on steering inputs, kudos to Ferrari for this one.

Overall the car is a very appealing package, let alone the engine itself is a big attraction. A naturally aspirated V12 may will be even more rare sooner than later and it is the pinnacle of naturally aspirated engine. The car may be a bit intimidating to drive to the limit, but it adds to the character and charm of the car. It’s not easy but master the car and the rewards is an exhilarating drive.

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Yessar Rosendar