DKS Group Commitment to Expand

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DKS Group Commitment to Expand
Danie Kurniawan Sugianto, BA, President Director and Founder of DKS Group

DKS Group commits to expand by investing in a prestigious five star Sheraton brand hotel and resort together with Marriot International, the world's largest hospitality company. This prestigious property in Ubud's prime location will add into the list of successful DKS Group hotel properties already owned and operated.

Sheraton hotel and resort in Ubud is the third hotel of DKS Group and the second project with Marriott International. The first hotel property, Four Points by Sheraton Seminyak (@fourpointsbaliseminyak) completed in 2014, had already jointly managed by Marriott International. Awards received: 2015 Best Luxury Rooftop View Hotel, 2016 Best Luxury Hotel Brand Regional Winner, 2017 Best Luxury Island Resort Country Winner, 2019 Best Luxury Rooftop View Hotel Global Winner, and 2020 Luxury Hotel award winner.

The second property completed in 2016, Vasanti Kuta Hotel (@vasantikutahotel), was successfully managed and operated independently. Awards: 2017 Best Luxury New Hotel Indonesia, 2018 Best Luxury Boutique Hotel South Asia, 2019 Best Luxury Modern Hotel Regional Winner, 2020 Luxury Hotel award winner.

In addition to hotel properties, DKS Group also has culinary business places located in Bali:

ABOVE rooftop lounge bar (@above_rooftop) which had been recognized as 2019 Readers’ Choice Restaurant by Exquisite Awards.

Dery's restaurant, bar - grill, Western, Indonesian (@deryssportsbar) which received 2018 Best Luxury Restaurant Bar Southern Asia and Global Winner

Besides hotel properties and culinary businesses, DKS Group has a thriving gold manufacturing facility in Indonesia. The founder, being the only shareholder of gold manufacturing for more than 25 years has experience of excellence in gold manufacturing prowess and passion in property business. As the result, DKS continues to excel by investing in new design and quality products of luxury gold (@dksgold.indonesia).

DKS Group was founded in 2013 by Mr. Danie Kurniawan Sugianto, BA as the only shareholder. DKS Group is a private corporation and the holding company for all the above hotel properties, culinary, gold manufacturing business, and real estate.

Despite the challenges during the pandemic condition, DKS Group keeps the optimism and pursues the commitment in wise and tactful business expansion. DKS Group is continuing its collaboration with Marriott International by constructing a five star Sheraton brand resort hotel in Bali Ubud. In manufacturing side by investing in new design and product for its gold manufacturing. When the time comes for market recovery, DKS Group will be in better position to reap the benefits and run thriving business.

DKS Group commits to pursue growth and tactful expansion for all its business functions, paving the way to excellence and profit.

About DKS Group

DKS group is one of the fast growing groups with operation covering multiple industries consist of prestigious hotels, residential property, and luxury resort villas as well as wedding venues, located mostly in Bali, Indonesia, one of the most sought destinations in the world. Its hotel properties has won some international accolades and awards such as the best rooftop hotel from World Luxury Awards institution.

In addition, DKS groups has a strong background and thriving business in creating distinguished jewelry items consisting of rings, bangles, pendants and chain necklace distributed throughout Indonesian archipelago.