Luxury Leaders

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Luxury Leaders

The luxury business is a niche segment, where brands offer high price in exchange for superior quality of products and services, from luxury cars, watches, to concierge assisted travel. The small number of people that can afford to be in this segment is continuously increased by the new creation of wealth, hence sustaining these businesses to grow and prosper. Here are some successful examples of luxury business players in Indonesia:

Eurobutik Bangun Indonesia capitalizes on opportunities in independent luxury watches.

Esti Nurjadin leads D Gallerie in raising public awareness through contemporary arts.

TDA Luxury Toys is a prime example of a well-run luxury car dealership.

Rudi Hidayat’s V2 Indonesia is expanding its business in high-end audio.

Datascrip taps growing demand for luxury furniture with Vastuhome.

Porsche Indonesia is focusing on its non-traditional customers to accelerate growth.

Dreamscape carves a niche in the fast growing market for luxury travel.

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Yessar Rosendar