Mercedes-AMG GT C Review: A Seductive Benz

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Mercedes-AMG GT C Review: A Seductive Benz

The Mercedes-AMG GT C is the most powerful yet livable from the AMG GT line up

Mercedes-Benz continued its heritage of powerful and exotic-looking sportscar when it launched the Mercedes-AMG GT, the second sports car developed in-house by the brand after the SLS AMG. Last year the brand launched the facelift version of the car and introduced the Mercedes-AMG GT C, the top of the line model above the AMG GT S and below the extreme tuned AMG GT R. The car offers 557 horsepower and 680Nm – 47 hp and 30 Nm more than the AMG GT S – and a 0-100km/h time of just 3.7 seconds. The car is the sweet spot for the AMG GT collection as it offers more power yet is still comfortable to be driven on the road compared to the track-focused AMG GT R. It uses the same body styling as the AMG GT R; it is wider 57 millimetres than the AMG GT S which gives it not just a more aggressive stance but also better handling as it can use wider tires. Among the line up at the Mercedes-Benz Dream Cars, the GT C is certainly the most striking in term of sportiness.

The car offers the complete aesthetic package with the intimidating Panamericana grille, wide and low stance, and purposeful silhouette. The striking grille is influenced by the brand’s motor racing heritage as the 15 chrome-plated vertical bars echo the look of the current Mercedes-AMG GT3 customer sports racing car. The new front apron emphasises the car’s width and gives it a road-hugging appearance. The front apron also houses another feat adopted from the GT R, the Air panel active air management system. Vertical louvres located in the lower area of the front apron can be opened and closed by an electric motor in around one second, ensuring the cooling performance is according to need. Constantly achieving the ideal position calls for highly intelligent and fast control. The large outer air inlets also enhance the aggressive look while providing supply of cooling air to the engine.

Being inside the car is also a unique experience for a Mercedes car, it is theatrical and exotic with a large transmission tunnel in the middle that houses drive controls of the car. You sit low to the ground just like you do on an exotic sports car and the dashboard places a firm emphasis on width, creating the impression of a powerful wing. The high beltlines, concave door panels, dynamically rising centre console and low seat position gives the driver a spot-on driving position. Driving the car gives you the most exotic experience among the brand’s current line-up of cars; if you sit low you can see through the small boxy front window the long hood of the car. The car has a long hood because it is a mid-engine car, with the power train located behind the front wheel. When driven normally on the streets, the car is quite comfortable as a sports car and has a unique driving ambience.

If you sit low with your head beside the door, the noise from the big rear tires are audible. It is a blessing and a curse, as it gives the car a sporty driving ambience although noise from the tires may be too much for a long and easy drive on the highway. You also sit near to the exhaust on the back that makes it easier to enjoy the mighty and growly V8. The 4.0-litre V8 biturbo engine is one fun power plant, as the 557-horsepower engine is a fire-breathing hooligan typical of an AMG engine. The eight-cylinder engine thrills with its immediate response, a linear, finely controllable power delivery and powerful acceleration in all rpm ranges. Its power delivery is rapid with maximum torque of 680 Nm from 1900 to 5750 rpm. You get that satisfying pace and power, with that powerful crack and bang at each lift of throttle on sport mode. The gear shift is also fast and refined, thanks to the use of a seven-speed dual clutch transmission with modified hardware and software. The first gear has a higher ratio for more agile acceleration and very fast responses to sudden accelerator movements.

It is also a fun rear wheel drive sports car with agile handling, and the steering response is spot on. However, you must remember that it is a rear wheel drive; it must be respected especially in corners. When tested on damp roads you will see the traction control lights on frequently on full throttle and you must be careful not to upset the car balance especially on corners. The Mercedes-AMG GT C offers the best performance, looks, and drivability from the AMG GT line up, which is the most exotic-looking in the current offering of Mercedes-Benz. The V8 engine from AMG is always amazing, and the one in the GT C is a fine example. With the complete package of dual clutch transmission and other technical marvels from AMG, it makes a compelling sports car. It is not a driver’s car like the Porsche 911; it is on a different realm and is more of an exotic car yet is worthy as one of the Dream Cars collection from the brand.

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