Porsche Indonesia and Burberry Showcase its Heritage Through a Private Soiree

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Porsche Indonesia and Burberry Showcase its Heritage Through a Private Soiree

Last November Porsche Indonesia collaborated with Burberry to showcase their customers the heritage of the two brands with a private soiree exclusively held at Porsche Centre Surabaya. The two brands showcased both iconic and timeless treasures, the classic cars of Porsche and Burberry’s Fall Winter 2018 collection.

“This unique event is our premier to conduct especially for the women, as a sportscar brand we understand that some would have thought that Porsche is mainly associated with men. But today, we let the ladies to experience exclusively the Porsche’s lifestyle that has also some elements that can also be associated with the ladies. Some of our line-up are suitable for the ladies to drive and even can added some values to them when they are driving it, the 718 Boxster for the fearless and adventurous one, the SUV line suitable for the mother who put the family first but also enjoy the driving pleasure on their own time” Christoph Choi, managing director of Porsche Indonesia says in a press release.

Regardless of the two brands’ kind of business, both shared the same value that set them in different class; valuable history. The special event allowed the valued customer to see and get closer with a line-up of iconic Porsches and to get enchanted with Burberry Fall Winter 2018 collection. To add more excitement, Mieske Halim as Burberry senior private client consultant guided the guest to for the day-to-day fashion style through her session during the event. Porsche also invited the its customers to enjoy the driving and chauffeured experience with its line-up of the Porsche cars.

Mieske Halim (center) 

“The collaboration with Burberry absolutely is exceptional and it brought the whole different world to our customer experience. For the ladies especially, incorporating fashion and sportscar is something ethereal that goes to the woman’s heart, It is a pleasure to collaborate with Burberry”, Christoph adds.

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