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    Anton Muhajir for Forbes Indonesia

    Putu Sudiarta founded PT Bamboomedia Cipta Persada, in Denpasar in 2002 with Rp 50 million borrowed from his family. Sudiarta, who remains the owner, first produced three tutorials CDs, teaching how to use Word, Outlook and Windows. He sold the CDs through Gramedia stores. After getting some sales, he then made another five CDs, also with tutorials on Windows-based programs such as Office. “Our main target was the new computer user who was still learning how to use it,” says Sudiarta, now 41.

    Now, 14 years later, Bamboomedia is a major success. The company produces a wide range of digital content. It sells over 80 apps through the App Store and Google Play. It has partnerships with companies such as Microsoft, Newmont and Telkom. Its products are distributed and sold in Europe and the U.S., and as far away as Argentina and Chile. Another 30,000 clients, mostly small and midsized firms, buy Bamboomedia products. While he won’t reveal exact revenues, Sudiarta says Bamboomedia has monthly income in the hundreds of millions of rupiah.

    According to Sudiarta, globally there are 3Cs in the tech field that are important: computers, communications and content. Computer stands for hardware from the likes of Apple, Microsoft and Samsung. Communication stands for network providers such as Telkomsel, Indosat and XL Axiata. “Now is the time to be focused on third C, content,” he says.

    Two years after being established, Bamboomedia had a breakthrough in signing a contract with Microsoft, translating material from Microsoft into Bahasa Indonesia. “It was like a wide gate opening to enter the global content business,” Sudiarta says.

    Later, Bamboomedia started other divisions to make their own programs for Windows users, such as those for marketing and accounting. Those CDs sold for Rp 42,000 each while the same CDs from others might cost Rp 7.5 million. With such affordable prices, Bamboomedia soon became popular among users. It started to produce more and more tutorial CDs, which became its main business. Nowadays, its tutorial CDs can range in price from about Rp 300,000 to Rp 4.5 million. It covers learning programs such as Autocad and Corel Draw.

    In the last five years, Bamboomedia has put more focus on mobile apps, games and animation. As a Balinese company, Bamboomedia tries to combine culture and technology in its games. One example is the game D’Kala, which features the Balinese giant Ogoh-ogoh. A statue of the Ogoh-ogoh is paraded around Bali the day before the holy Nyepi holiday, to help cleanse the island of negative energy. The game was introduced in March 2013 and shown at CeBit in Germany. “We introduced Ogoh-ogoh because it’s unique and has a universal message,” Sudiarta says.