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    Indian tech startups have found a new nirvana—Indonesia. The archipelago nation is quietly becoming an attractive destination for Indians to fulfill their startup dreams. Driven by a saturated local market, many young Indians are looking for newer geographies. There are now around half dozen Indian digital startups that have set up shop in Indonesia. All of them driven by one thing: Indonesia’s big online market.

    The number of Internet users in Indonesia, which has a population of over 250 million people, is projected to grow from 93 million in 2015 to 123 million in 2018, making Indonesia one of the biggest online markets worldwide. With the growing Internet population and smartphone penetration, the mobile Internet space is also seeing a remarkable growth story. “The nature of Indonesia is such that size is there, and the commitment and dedication is also there. There is a lot of scope for development for tech startups in Indonesia,” says Shane Chesson, partner in private equity firm NSI Ventures.

    Network India


    Indonesian launch date: November 2013

    Funds raised: $225 million

    Investors: Info Edge, Sequoia India, Vy Capital and Temasek

    Page views a month: 4 million



    Indonesian launch date: April 2015

    Investors: self funded

    Page views a month: NA



    Indonesian launch date: October 2015

    Investors: U2opia Mobile, Matrix Partners and Omidyar Networks

    Page views a month: 64,230



    Indonesian launch date: September 2015

    Investors: Sequoia India and Matrix Partners

    Page views a month: 15 million (all markets)



    Indonesian launch date: Mid-2016 (expected)

    Investors: Accel, Network 18, Saif Partners

    Page views a month: NA

    Source: Forbes Indonesia research