UC Silver
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    Anggara Mahendra for Forbes Indonesia

    The dragonfly is the symbol of UC Silver, a jewellery company in Bali run by CV Ubud Corner Silver. The choice of the flying insect is deliberate, says UC Silver Marketing Director Arya Sudtedja. The four wings of the dragonfly represent the four brothers from Gianyar who founded the company: I Wayan Sutedja, I Made Dharmawan, I Nyoman Eriawan and I Ketut Sudiarsana. Second, the dragonfly is a symbol of prosperity in Bali, because if a farmer sees many dragonflies in his rice field, it means his rice is fertile, and the air, land and water are clean.

    The initials UC comes from Ubud Corner, as the company started 27 years ago in Ubud in the corner of an field, about 500 meters from the Ubud Palace. The four brothers shared responsibility to run the company. The eldest took care of marketing; the second brother production; the third design and product development; and the youngest the accounting and finance.

    Arya, 30 and the eldest son of the eldest brother Wayan, is the next generation coming into the business. He has taken on a marketing role like his father. Along with the four founders, Arya says the company also has four pillars: preserving Balinese culture, uniting all in kinship, having the courage to take risks, and sharing happiness and love with all. “Our concept is one for all and all for one,” says Arya.

    These concepts have served UC Silver well. From its original modest corner location, UC Silver now has outlets in Bali and Jakarta, and has also spread to outposts in Bangkok and the U.S. A store is planned to open soon in Hong Kong. Many products are exported as well, with about half of all revenues coming from exports (and the rest from retail sales in its shops). Buyers can be anywhere, including in Europe, Australia and the U.S.

    UC Silver’s products are divided into three collections; Sweet Dragonfly as its premium offering, the UC Silver Collection for the middle, and the Blink-Blink Collection as more affordable and trendy, mostly for younger customers. “Our products have two main functions, as accessories for daily use and as luxury jewellery,” Arya says. Their products run the gamut from earrings to larger pieces. Many feature a dragonfly motif, in keeping with the firm’s logo. While silver is part of the name, the company has diversified into other metals, especially gold and brass. On the company’s website, the word “gold” is placed directly underneath the word “silver” in the name, letting customers know gold is also available. The prices for its products can range from Rp 300,000 for a bracelet all the way up to Rp 1.2 billion for a handbag incorporating gold metalwork.