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    Ahmad Zamroni / Forbes Indonesia

    Finally, Chandra is the tech veteran, who has invested in over 40 technology companies throughout Asia and the U.S., which includes tech stars such as Tokopedia, Traveloka, Disdus (later acquired by Groupon), Pricearea, and Techinasia—he was one of the co-founders of pioneering tech investor East Ventures. The three also has known each other for over six years; Will and Jefrey went to the same business school, getting an MBA at the University of California Los Angeles.

    In fintech, Alpha JWC has invested in startups such as Modalku, Uangteman and Kredivo. Modalku lends to small to midsized enterprises that are unable to get traditional bank financing. The founders of Modalku earlier founded the Singapore-based Funding Societies, which has already disbursed $5 million. Started earlier this year, Modalku has disbursed over Rp 3.5 billion with loans of about Rp 100 million each.

    Modalku offers 12% to 18% of annual interest to investors, or higher than deposits offered by conventional banks—although of course, these deposits are not covered by the Indonesia Deposit Insurance Corporation (LPS). Modalku charges lenders with slightly above a 20% lending rate. While Modalku caters to commercial borrowers, Uangteman is for individuals, giving them short-term financing up to Rp 3 million that can be disbursed within 24 hours. It offers an average of 1% lending rate a day, which Will says remains more competitive compared to lending from wet market banks or loan sharks. The rates will also go down for repeat borrowers.

    Kredivo claims to be the first e-commerce financing company in Indonesia with a “buy now, pay later” technology solution as an alternative of credit cards. Like a credit card, customers don’t have to pay interest if funds are repaid within 30 days. The startup is also equipped with real time credit scoring to evaluate how much it could lend, which takes only a few hours for customer verification (compared to an average of three weeks when applying for a credit card).

    “OJK gave support since it understands that we serve a gap untapped by conventional financial institutions,” Will says. Aside from fintech startups, Alpha JWC also invests in other sectors. In big data, it invested in Mediatrac, one of the country’s leading big data companies with clients such as the World Bank, Bank Mandiri, Bank Negara Indonesia and Sampoerna.