Grocery Tech
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    Jakarta’s notorious traffic jams were the inspiration for Markus Bihler to set up HappyFresh, an online grocery delivery service. Three years ago, when he arrived in Jakarta for the first time, it took him three hours to travel from Soekarno-Hatta airport to Jakarta’s SCBD area. “It was Friday afternoon and was raining. The traffic was horrible,” says Markus. “Surprisingly, people told me it was quick.”

    The horrible traffic inspired Markus, now co-founder and chief executive, to set up a new online business with the other founders. HappyFresh lets consumers order groceries directly from offline supermarkets. “We offer the broadest assortment of products across all digital platforms: mobile phone, mobile web, or desktop, and we deliver the products handpicked by professional shoppers to location of your choice within one hour,” says Markus.

    Doing grocery shopping at HappyFresh is very easy. You don’t have to walk down the aisles in a grocery store to hunt for the products you want. To shop through your mobile phone, you just have to download the app and then select the store. Then you can browse the store with the help of categories and keywords, namely: fresh produce, meat and seafood, deli, bakery, dairy, dry and canned goods, beverages, snacks, frozen foods, even pet food.

    This easy keyword search will quickly give you options to choose from. “Then you can choose products you like. Once you press the checkout button, our shoppers, who are permanently stationed in the store, will start shopping in the store you’ve selected,” says Markus. Once the personal shoppers finish, you will get a notification and a delivery guy will transport the groceries within an hour to the location you wish. However, prices are 10% more on items shopped on the HappyFresh app compared to the offline shopping, a fee for the convenience, personalized shopping and time saved. It also charges a delivery fee.

    Incorporated in 2014 and launched in Kuala Lumpur and Jakarta on March 2015, HappyFresh has rapidly grown. As of today, Happy Fresh has entered five countries and seven cities, with more to come. In Indonesia, HappyFresh operates in Jakarta and Surabaya. In Thailand, it operates Bangkok; Taipei in Taiwan; Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia, and it just started its business in Manila.

    In the future, Markus plans to expand the business only to cities across the region with three requirements, namely: a city with enough demand for an online grocery service; a strong experienced local management team; and finding a high quality supermarket partners.

    Currently, HappyFresh has 400 grocery partners across the region, which covers various segments: high-end, mid-range, and budget. In Indonesia, it has a wide supermarket retailer network including partners such as Ranch Market, Farmers Market, Lotte Mart, GrandLucky, Superindo, and All Fresh. In the region, HappyFresh has retailer partners such as K Market (Malaysia), Gourmet Market and Siam Paragon (Thailand), and Simple Mart (Taiwan).