Teresa Wibowo
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    Ahmad Zamroni / Forbes Indonesia

    Teresa Wibowo’s business card reads “Chief of Many Things” at the e-commerce startup Ruparupa.com (which loosely translates as “many things”). Behind the whimsical title is a very serious effort, to translate the retail success of Teresa’s family’s powerful Kawan Lama group into the same success online.

    Teresa’s goal is to make Ruparupa.com the number one home and living e-commerce site in the country. The stakes are high, as more Indonesians go online to shop, especially in large urban areas, which threatens Kawan Lama’s brick-and-mortar retail business, of more than 300 stores in 31 districts nationwide.

    So why not call Kawanlama.com? “Ruparupa.com is a new business line for Kawan Lama. It is not merely an e-channel of Kawan Lama products, but it is an online business on its own. We are not selling Kawan Lama products only, but going beyond that,” says Teresa, 34.

    Ruparupa.com, whose formal name is PT Omni Digitama Internusa, was officially launched in April. After having spent seven years in training within the Kawan Lama group, Teresa has finally been given her own company to run, and it is the biggest challenge she has ever faced.

    Unlike other pure online e-commerce companies that don’t have a conventional retail presence, Teresa believes Ruparupa.com has a major advantage: Kawan Lama’s existing supply, distribution and logistics chain, as well as having the brand power of an established retailer behind it.

    “At Ruparupa.com, people can buy online and pick up the goods offline and vice versa. If customers cannot find the products they want at a Kawan Lama store, they can order it through Ruparupa.com,” says Teresa. “We can check the quantity of a certain product a customer desires directly at our warehouse. That is our winning point.” At launch, the site already had more than 10,000 products in 10 different categories (while the mainline Kawan Lama group has more than 40,000 items for sale). “Sometime, our customers went to our physical store, but can’t decide what to buy. Through Ruparupa.com, once they made up their mind, they can order it online since they have previously seen and felt the product offline,” she says.

    Furthermore, having hundreds of physical stores all over the country can help Ruparupa.com cut shipping costs. Teresa gives an example from eastern Indonesia: “If you live in East Nusa Tenggara, and order a product at Ruparupa.com, we will ship the product from the closest store, which is in Kupang.” The other advantage of Ruparupa.com is that it can bring products to customers where Kawan Lama doesn’t yet have a physical presence.

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