Evolution of Time
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    Courtesy of The Time Place

    Last August Irwan Danny Mussry, 53, president director and chief executive of PT Timerindo Perkasa International, known as Time International, felt he had come full circle as he inaugurated his largest timepiece boutique, The Time Place, in Surabaya’s Tujungan Plaza IV. Why? Because the boutique was located in the city where Irwan was born.

    “Opening the biggest boutique in Indonesia in Surabaya, to be honest, was never the plan, but the evolution itself brought us here, so it’s a cream on the cake, as it was the place where I was born,” Irwan says. Surabaya has many fond memories for Irwan as he lived here until junior high school. “It’s a result of what I have been doing outside Surabaya, it’s like a path that I come back here again, sharing what Time International has been sharing with Jakarta and the region, it’s a mixed feeling of happy, anxious and proud,” Irwan says. Time International actually already had a Time Place boutique in Surabaya since 2004 at the same location; it’s the fourth boutique in Indonesia after Plaza Senayan, Plaza Indonesia, and Pacific Place and the first Time Place boutique outside of Jakarta.

    The revamped boutique underwent a major expansion and features a fresh new design. It is a more spacious boutique, almost twice its previous size. The overall luxurious atmosphere is punctuated by exquisite pieces of art and furniture. Upon entering the boutique, guests can enjoy a beautiful art piece on the ceiling, situated in the center of inviting timepiece displays, and well-appointed leather seats. The boutique now presents the widest range of luxury timepieces in Indonesia. Space is dedicated to new brands, including Frederique Constant and Longines, as well as the latest offerings from established brands such as Audemars Piguet and Rolex.

    In Indonesia, Surabaya has been steadily growing as an emerging market, Irwan says. “We opened the store not because the market is ready, but because the market asked for it, we know the Surabaya customer is a world traveler, what is lacking is the experience of luxury,” Irwan says. Through this boutique, Irwan aims to allow customers have the proper experience. “This is what we want to bring to the customer, to enjoy the moment—a big part of a luxury watch is enjoying the process,” Irwan says. To provide that experience, the staff was professionally trained to give the correct information to connoisseurs and to maintain the timepieces.

    For Irwan, the local touch is an integral part of opening a boutique in a new city. Time International aims to deliver a bespoke experience matched with the city. For Surabaya, Irwan wants to ensure that all products, including those hard to get, are in store quickly before they reach the secondary market. Some products will be even launched first in Surabaya. “Every time we open a boutique, we want to go local, like a homegrown store that has a local feel and taste, we want to be the neighborhood store and the customer’s friend,” Irwan says.

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