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    Ahmad Zamroni / Forbes Indonesia

    PT Bank KEB Hana Indonesia’s roots go back to 2007, when South Korea’s Hana Bank first entered the Indonesian market by acquiring Bank Bintang Manunggal. In 2014, the bank took over a second bank, KEB Indonesia, to become KEB Hana Bank. KEB Hana Bank Indonesia Chief Executive Lee Hwa Soo, who uses the name Martin Lee, took his post this January, after serving as the chief financial officer of the bank since 2012. Martin’s office, as well as his lounge, is full of photographs of Mt. Annapurna in Nepal taken by Martin during a recent hiking trip there.

    Forbes Indonesia: In 2007, KEB Hana Bank was ranked 124 out of 125 banks in Indonesia. Now it is ranked at 30. How was that achieved?

    Martin Lee: KEB Hana Bank focuses on serving the clients. I am from Korea where people are very sensitive and impatient, in a sense. Service companies can only evolve when one can change according to customer feedback. In Korea, you don’t see people lined up at banks, because people will get angry if banking takes too much time. The bank should also provide smart banking as well as other convenient services such as Internet banking and mobile banking. Otherwise, customers will go to other banks. Basically, I have implemented what I have learned in Korea. Speed, convenience and smart banking.

    KEB Hana Bank is also called the five-minute bank. Branch tellers have an hourglass on their table that runs out after five minutes. All tellers should finish a transaction within five minutes. Wi-Fi is also available in all branches. KEB Hana Bank provides SMS Banking, phone banking, call banking to serve anytime, anywhere, whatever service needed by the clients.

    FI: So you make your customers happy by implementing a Korean service standard in Indonesia. What keeps the staff happy?

    ML: Indeed, it’s not easy. Indonesia and Korea have very different work cultures. Therefore it is not easy to push people to just follow. However, I try to be as close as possible with my employees, listening to them as if I am listening to my clients. I hold a “bubur meeting” every Wednesday morning. That’s a gathering for employees below manager level. I eat with them and listen to what they have to say. We also have a Learning and Training Division, Service Quality Team, Communication Team and Secretary Team that tries to monitor what’s going on with the employees and fulfill their needs.

    FI: Any specific example of making your employees happy?

    ML: Indonesia’s public transportation is not convenient for all my employees.  Therefore I bought seven buses and chose six locations to pick up my employees. Employees do not have to hassle through the traffic nor motorbikes. Also, we have the Hana Lounge where employees as well as customers can enjoy high-quality coffee. I think a coffee lounge provides a better environment for my staff when they are having a meeting. Hana Lounge has a goal to serve better coffee than Starbucks. The coffee in the lounge is from Indonesian villages from our CSR programs. Clients can also get a free coffee, depending on the amount of transactions with our bank. These are not big things but small conveniences and pleasures that make my employees happy.

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