Meet Ahmad Bambang!
    Category: Column By : Hermawan Kartajaya Read : 880 Date : Wednesday, November 30, 2016 - 12:35:41

    Ahmad Bambang, better known as Pak Abe, has been awarded Marketeer of the Year (MOTY) Indonesia 2016. After much discussion at MarkPlus Campus, the judging panel found that Ahmad deserved the crown. The announcement was made before 5,000 attendees during the opening of the 11th annual MarkPlus Conference this month.

    For the past decade, the MOTY has been awarded to Indonesia’s finest C-Level marketing executive, carefully selected through three stages: nomination, evaluation, and judging. A MarkPlus team received nominations across 18 sectors and evaluated the nominees based on public information as well as nomination documents. The nominees are then judged by a panel of past MOTY recipients, Indonesia Marketing Association representatives, and MarkPlus representatives. As previous years, Arief Yahya—the Minister of Tourism as well as the MOTY 2013 when he headed Telkom Indonesia—led the judging panel this year. From Category Champions in 18 different industry sectors, the panel selected one person as best of the best.

    Ahmad is now deputy president director for downstream and new renewable energy at Pertamina. However, he won due to his remarkable achievements as Pertamina’s marketing and trading director. Almost 30 years in Pertamina, Ahmad knows the company inside out, and has the courage to make bold entrepreneurial decisions, summed by his concept of d’Gil Marketing (Idea Gila/Crazy Marketing).

    When he took charge of the Marketing and Trading Directorate, Pertamina was suffering losses from the sale of Premium fuel. Pertamax, despite better quality, could not attract customers from Premium due to a large price gap. Ahmad then launched Pertalite, with quality and price positioned between Premium and Pertamax, getting Premium users to switch to Pertalite. In the past, Premium was approximately 87% of total sales volume for Pertamina fuels.

    Now, it is only approximately 55%. Ahmad also did this in diesel fuel by launching Dexlite. Similar to Pertalite, Dexlite is positioned between the cheaper Solar and higher priced Dex. It aims to switch Solar users to higher quality fuel, yet cheaper than Dex. Other innovations leading to a major financial turnaround in Pertamina’s downstream business were the launch of the pink Bright Gas and Pertamax Turbo—both encouraged customers to trade up.

    While other oil and gas companies are struggling due to the oil price drop, Pertamina had strong profits in its downstream business. With more profits, Pertamina can better help the nation. When President Joko Widodo asked for a single fuel price nationwide, including Papua, Pertamina was ready to support.

    What’s next?

    The one-price policy for fuel is the start of Pertamina “Rahmatan Lil Alamin” or Pertamina 3.0, with four major initiatives for SMEs, 3T Regions (Terluar, Terdepan, Tertinggal), human empowerment and the environment.

    MOTY receipients are all achievers: Dyonisius Betty (2006), Chairul Tanjung (2007), Sofyan Basir (2008), Emirsyah Satar (2009), Dahlan Iskan (2010), Johannes Loman (2011), Dino Patti Djalal (2012), Arief Yahya (2013), Ignasius Jonan (2014) and Jahja Setiaatmadja (2015). President Joko Widodo was the Best Marketing Champion in 2010 and 2012 (government category) while Solo mayor and DKI Jakarta governor. Welcome to the Club, Pak Abe!