Rooting for Trump
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    Wayne Allyn Root’s initials spell out “war.” These initials help sum up this one-man multimedia phenomonen—he’s full frontal direct. His popular talk show in Las Vegas, where he lives, is called “WAR now: the Wayne Allyn Root show,” and it may soon go national. He has been an anchor on a financial news network, and also a TV producer, creating several highly rated series. His latest book, “The Power of Relentless” is one of 11 he’s written (disclosure: Forbes Editor in Chief Steve Forbes endorsed the book), in addition to being a nationally syndicated columnist. He is an entrepreneur, earning millions doing sports handicapping, through his Las Vegas-based firm Wayne Allyn Root’s Winning Edge (one season’s worth of his tips can cost over $1,000). One of his best bets was predicting Donald Trump—a good friend—would win the presidency back in June 2015. To support Trump, Wayne made over 1,500 media appearances and speeches. Wayne recently stopped in Jakarta, where he successfully raised funds for his latest venture, Root Reaction, a political news website in the U.S. that will provide Wayne’s comments on the day’s top stories. The interview took place in a private meeting room on the executive floor of the Shangri-La hotel in Jakarta. The following are edited remarks.

    Forbes Indonesia: What brings you to Jakarta?

    Wayne Allyn Root:  Well I’m here fundraising for my new project, a website called Root I was one of the first, if not the first, big supporters of Donald Trump and I want to figure out a way to capitalize on the next eight years—and it is going to be eight years—not four. I want to be the new Huffington Post. I will provide breaking news links to all the hot news, and provide my reaction. Nobody’s done that. I will give my raw, truthful, first gut reaction to every hot news story. Like Trump, I am outspoken and in your face. I’m very pro-business. I am proof of the American dream, there’s nothing you can’t have. My philosophy in life is just to be relentless 24 hours a day—that is how you make things happen.

    FI: So how do you capitalize on that?

    WAR: The Trump administration creates controversy. The more controversy, the more people tune into the news. They want to see opinions. I’m in the right place at the right time to capitalize on that—whether you love him or hate him, Trump is going to stir things up. Politics will never be boring. I want to be in the middle of that, with Root Reaction. I should launch around June 1. 

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