Dua Kelinci
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    Ahmad Zamroni / Forbes Indonesia

    Edwin Sutiono, 31, and Andrew Limanto, 33, are the third generation running PT Dua Kelinci, the pioneer in the roasted peanut business and one of the biggest players in the snack industry in the country. During harvest season, such as now, up to 90 trucks, each loaded with six to seven tonnes of freshly harvested peanuts sourced from Java and Bali, enter the company’s factory in Pati, Central Java, which covers 18 hectares. While peanuts remain its flagship product, the company now produces a wide variety of items, all of them exported worldwide as well as supplying a growing domestic demand.

    The company, started by their grandparents Ho Sie Ak and Lauw Bie Giok, began as a small grocery store in Surabaya that sold roasted peanuts. The roasted peanuts became a big seller, and the family focused on that business. They moved upstream, producing their own peanuts after a supplier refused to sell to them. In 1972, the family launched its own brand Sari Gurih, using the logo of two rabbits. The logo proved to be more memorable than the name, so the family changed its brand to Dua Kelinci in 1982. “Our research shows that our brand value is associated with nostalgic and sentimental values, because we are the pioneer of branded peanuts,” says Edwin.

    Three years later, PT Dua Kelinci and the factory in Pati were established by the family’s second generation Hadi Sutiono and Ali Arifin. Hadi still serves as the president director of the company, while his son Edwin and his nephew Andrew sit on the board of directors.

    “Roasted peanuts sold so well back then that it created its own popular idiom laris seperti kacang goreng [selling like roasted peanuts],” Andrew says about the early days of the business. Dua Kelinci is in the middle of a big market. Japanese consulting firm Corporate Directions says the Indonesian snack market was worth over $1 billion in 2013. Roasted peanuts were about 5% of that market, and Dua Kelinci and rival Garudafoods’ Kacang Garuda dominate it. Edwin claims that Dua Kelinci beats Kacang Garuda in terms of production capacity and output. 

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