Niluh Djelantik
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    Niluh Putu Ary Pertami Djelantik’s life is intertwined with footwear. Growing up poor in Bali, she could not afford good shoes for schools, and dreamt of having good shoes one day. Many years passed, but her dream stayed with her. After graduating from University Gunadarama, she got her first job in Jakarta, as a telephone operator for a Swiss textile company—and finally was able to buy good shoes with her own money. With her first paycheck, she rushed out to Blok M and bought the best shoes she could afford, for Rp 15,000 (equivalent to about Rp 100,000 today). She was very happy.

    Today Niluh owns Niluh Djelantik, making designer shoes that are exported to 20 countries and sold through three boutiques in Indonesia (two in Bali, one in Jakarta). She has bedecked the feet of global celebrities, including Cameron Diaz, Julia Roberts, Uma Thurman, Giselle Bundchen and Tara Reid. Niluh Djelantik shoes have also been wore by Miss Universe and Miss World.

    Her path to success was indirect. After getting her first job in Jakarta, she worked there as a regular employee for about a decade. She decided to make a change after being attacked and robbed in Jakarta by a gang in 2001. This traumatic experience led her to be disenchanted with big-city life, and she decided to move back to Bali.

    When she arrived, she took a marketing job with Paul Ropp, a fashion designer based in Bali (Paul is a naturalized Indonesian citizen, who was originally from the U.S.) Within two years of starting her new job, sales at Paul Ropp had grown more than 300% and the brand had spread to ten locations. However, such fast growth meant that she was working flat out, and often travelling. Eventually she got sick from the hectic pace, and a doctor advised her to find more sedentary work that was less stressful.

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