Rinaldy Yunardi
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    Ahmad Zamroni / Forbes Indonesia

    Katy Perry’s song “Chained to the Rhythm” released in February was a smash hit, rising to number four on Billboard’s Hot 100. For the song's music video, Katy wore a distinctive pair of transparent ankle boots with silver accents on the heels and edges—especially made for Katy by Indonesian designer Rinaldy Yunardi. “Designing Katy Perry’s shoes was the highest achievement in my life, and I will never forget it,” says Rinaldy, 47. Rinaldy created the shoes in only two weeks—11 days for the design, and three to produce them. “Katy Perry’s team asked for a clear shoes. So they are supposed to be plastic shoes,” says Rinaldy.

    Rinaldy’s success with Katy Perry is the latest in a long string of international triumphs for the designer, who first entered the business 21 years ago. He specializes in accessories, shoes, millinery and even lighting. A month before the Katy Perry order, Rinaldy had pieces shown at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show in Paris in December. This fashion show is one of the biggest of the year, featuring the world’s top models, superstar musical acts and outrageously sexy and expensive lingerie. 

    Working with another superstar Indonesian designer, Tex Saverio, Rinaldy created wings and shoulder pieces for the Dark Angel segment of the show with American supermodel, Devon Windsor. The dark feathery wings she wore took three months to create. “I am very grateful,” he says of being included in this show.

    Rinaldy's star has been on the rise for past two years, particularly in Hong Kong. Among his customers in Hong Kong are superstars Aaron Kwok, Andy Hui, Jolin Tsai, Kary Ng and Sammy Cheng. “I have been a big fan of Aaron Kwok since I was a kid,” he laughs. During his World Tour 2016, Aaron Kwok wore Rinaldy’s headpieces and mask. It took a month for Aaron Kwok's managers to select the pieces for the tour. “Hong Kong is one of the most prominent markets in Asia. As for me, working with international actress and actors in Hong Kong is a major path to enter larger markets such as Europe and the U.S.,” says Rinaldy. His pieces are also locally popular, worn by Indonesian celebrities such as Anggun and Agnez Mo. Another fan is Japanese superstar Ayumi Hamasaki. 

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