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    Category: Entrepreneurs By : Jeffrey Hutton Read : 2172 Date : Friday, June 02, 2017 - 17:07:17

    Ahmad Zamroni / Forbes Indonesia

    The process of creating an advertising campaign can be complicated and time-consuming. Multiple steps, and many parties, are involved, including advertising agencies, creative talent like videographers, and media to publish the final campaign. To help streamline the process, U.K. national Patrick Searle, 32, and Indonesian Anthony Reza Prasetya, 33, founded GetCraft in Jakarta in 2014, which tries to bring online efficiency to developing, managing and marketing advertising campaigns. The two were working at advertising firm Oglivy, where they saw firsthand the problems of finding creative talent.

    Using the slogan “Stop spam, get craft,” the company, which is officially registered as PT Kriya Teknologi Makmur, seems the right idea at the right time and place. Within six months, the company was profitable. By 2015, it managed around 500 campaigns—nearly two every business day of the year. Last year that number roughly tripled to about 1,300 campaigns. The firm, which has about 40 staff, worked with 130 different brands, including the country’s biggest advertiser Unilever Indonesia, as well as other big names such as Samsung and Indosat.

    Now the company is expanding in the region, opening offices in Singapore and the Philippines—the latter breaking even within four months. It expects to open in Thailand, Vietnam, and Malaysia by yearend. The company is also attracting major talent, such as the former chief technology officer of Go-Jek Fian Kurniawan and the country director of Yahoo in the Philippines.

    How does GetCraft work? Similar to Uber or AirBnB, one big competitive advantage is its network that links together all those needed for a campaign—the content creators, advertisers and media outlets. GetCraft has a proprietary database of content creators, more than 2,000 of them, easily the largest in the country. Each content creator has a profile, covering topics like expertise, experience and price. The database includes writers, editors, videographers and photographers, all available to work on campaigns.

    After GetCraft gets an assignment from a company or agency for a campaign, it can then quickly find the right talent for the project; develop the campaign for the client, doing it all online. When the campaign is ready, GetCraft has a second database of places to run the content—more than 800 outlets, such as websites and bloggers. As it runs, GetCraft monitors the ROI and gives data to the client, and also handles all payments for the campaign. “We are trying to be the operating system for marketers and content creators,” says Patrick. 

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