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    Category: Forbes Life By : Yessar Rosendar Read : 1012 Date : Friday, June 02, 2017 - 17:28:12

    Ahmad Zamroni / Forbes Indonesia; Location: Fairmont Jakarta

    Executives who are looking for a premium midsized sedan are in luck this year as new models in the segment are plentiful, including a Mercedes-Benz just introduced that is a locally assembled E-Class model. Since it is a locally assembled car, the model is more affordable, by Rp 50 million, and equipped with more features. Mercedes-Benz offers two E-Class models (both locally assembled). We tested the top model, the E300 AMG Line. The model is superior in looks and equipment compared to the CBU model. The AMG tag means higher performance and thus makes the E300 have a more aggressive look, with sportier front and rear bumpers, and more stylish 19-inch AMG five-spoke wheels. It also has a panoramic sliding sunroof, and the option of five exterior paints, including a red paint only available for the E300.

    The car is likely to turn heads, with its futuristic and sleek design, while retaining the luxury heritage of the brand, making it instantly recognizable as a Mercedes-Benz. The model also shares more similarity with the S-Class beyond just its looks. The cabin is more similar, most notably with the 12.3 screen just like the S-Class, and the biggest in its class so far. The interior design overall is contemporary, fresh and luxuriously designed. Unlike the E250, that uses aluminum for its paneling, the E300 is more luxurious as it uses black wood panels in the entire cabin. The matte black wood with rough texture aims to be luxurious yet sporty at the same time—although these black woods may not appeal to those who want a more conventional brown wood panel.

    The E300 cabin is a nice place to be, you are surrounded by quality material, and it is very quiet. The cabin nicely blocks out most noise, a necessity in bustling Jakarta. On the highway, however, there is a slight tire noise. The ambient light can also be customized, with up to 65 different color options. The digital dial in the dash was sharp and easily readable in various light conditions, including in bright sunlight. The design of the dial can be customized to three layouts that are classic, sport and progressive. Most will probably opt for the classic design, as the other two are either not different enough or too different. The 12.3-inch display overall was a joy to the eyes, as it was high resolution and with enough space to display much information, including a split screen to display music details simultaneously with other, necessary information.

    The control system was quite good, with the knob controller in the center console, however there’s also a big touch pad above the knob that can interfere with knob. Mercedes also put two small touchpads on the left and right side of the steering wheel, allowing one to control different functions while keeping your hands on the wheel. 

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