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    Ahmad Zamroni / Forbes Indonesia

    Joe Surya, 45, has loved the Mini brand for a long time, and he still remembers the first time he saw a Mini at the Geneva Motor Show in 2001. He bought some Mini merchandise, and took a brochure, which he still keeps. Ten years later, he won the bid to become the exclusive partner for the brand in Indonesia against various local and international investors keen to bring the iconic British brand in Indonesia.

    It was a good move. Currently Mini is the fourth largest selling premium car brand in Indonesia after Mercedes-Benz, BMW and Lexus. It has even surpassed the sales of Audi, a big rival of BMW (which owns Mini). Since its official launch in 2011, more than 2,500 Minis have been sold. The exclusive partner for Mini in Indonesia is PT Maxindo International Nusantara Indah (PT Mini).

    The company went all out to support the brand, opening a 4,636 sqm five-story flagship showroom in Pondok Indah in 2012, an investment of Rp 62 billion. The showroom is one of the largest Mini facilities in Asia, and is the most modern and up-market car showroom in Indonesia.

    “It’s a dream come true. When you love something, dream about it, and work hard, you can make it happen,” Joe says, “It motivated me to be successful if I represented Mini—the brand should be an important player in the luxury car segment,” he says.

    Joe himself has over 20 years of experience in the automotive industry. Joe’s father, Yusran Eddy, set up in 1973 PT Nusantara Indah in Banjarmasin, which imported Alfa Romeo, Chevrolet and Citroen into Kalimantan. Joe grew up helping his father in the company. Together with his two brothers, Joe Ferry and Joe Frans (all are named Joe), the Nusantara group grew into one of the biggest automotive players in Indonesia and has a total of 55 dealerships stretching from Medan to Bali. The group sells various brands in Kalimantan from Kia to BMW, then expanded to Java in the mid-2000s. “The group name fits my dream, as I want our company to cover the whole nation,” Joe says.

    Joe is also an automotive enthusiast himself and an avid driver. He once drove at 300 kmh on the Autobahn in Germany and cruised the twisting mountain highways in Switzerland. His dream is to be able to drive in every country in the world. For his personal collection, Joe has  a rare track-focused Mini Cooper GP2 and a Mini John Cooper Works for his daily commute.

    The success of Mini opened doors for Nusantara in the luxury segment. In 2015 BMW Motorrad East Asia appointed Nusantara, through PT Maxindo Moto Nusantara, as its authorized importer and sole distributor of BMW motorcycles in Indonesia. Nusantara also invested significantly in the brand, and recently opened a flagship dealership in South Jakarta. The 4,000 sqm, five-story dealership is one of the biggest for the brand in the world.

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