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    Ahmad Zamroni / Forbes Indonesia

    Wardrobe By Canali; Time Piece By Hublot

    Ferrari is almost every boy’s dream. Hanan Supangkat, 35, also had that dream, of owning a bright-red prancing horse supercar, from the time he was about 10 years old. Hanan has made his dream come true,  as he currently owns two Ferraris and is the president of Ferrari Owners Club Indonesia (FOCI). He was able to buy his first Ferrari five years ago, when he purchased a used, red Ferrari 430. Hanan was in love with the 430 before he bought the car, after he test-drove the car on the Zhuhai International Circuit in China for the Corso Pilota, a driving course for a new or potential owner of a Ferrari. “I like the curves of the 430’s body and in the track you can still feel the raw power. Newer Ferraris are faster and more comfortable, but the purity of the 430 is different,” Hanan says. To add to his collection, he also has a 458 Speciale. Previously, he owned a regular 458 but he sold it to buy the Speciale, a more performance oriented version of the same model.

    As the 430 was a used car, he decided to restore it to pristine condition. He spent much time, effort and cash to replace the older parts, making the car like new again. Hanan’s 458 Speciale, however, was different—it was a new car, so Hanan could enjoy the process of creating exactly what he wanted from scratch. He had it painted yellow with a custom stripe in the center, and got a matching interior, seat belts, and roll bar in the car, also all in yellow. “I really liked the stripes that I designed for the car, I also put in a seat from the Speciale Aperta because it is more comfortable,” Hanan says.

    According to Hanan, you have to own a supercar to be able to truly appreciate it. “You cannot get the full experience from test drives, after owning one for a certain amount of time, you can finally feel the difference between a supercar and a sports car, it is in a different league,” Hanan says. To put things into perspective, a sports car like the BMW M3, with 425 horsepower, can accelerate from zero to 100 kmh in 4.1 seconds, while the Ferrari 458 Speciale, with 562 horsepower, can do that in just 2.9 seconds. The Speciale is lighter by almost 100 kg than the BMW M3, and it also benefited from the technology and know-how that Ferrari obtained from its long history of Formula 1 racing.

    Hanan also thinks that Ferraris are more user friendly compared to other supercars, as it’s still easy to get in and out of the car, plus it has good visibility and a comfortable ride for a daily commute. As for the engine, Hanan loves the sound of a Ferrari. “Ferrari has that distinct character and sound, that is the beauty of the engine for me,” Hanan says.

    However Hanan says most of his time is taken up by his family and job as a president director of PT Mulia Knitting Factory that produces underwear products under the brand Rider—he is the fourth generation to run his family’s business.  It means that he can only enjoy his cars on the weekend—though he likes to look at them in his garage on weekdays. “I rarely enjoyed the car alone now, now there is not a lot of time with work and family, and family is my priority,” Hanan says. When he can drive his Ferraris on the weekend, he tries to get out early in the morning to beat Jakarta’s traffic. He can also count on an FOCI event at least once per month as an excuse to drive one of his Ferraris as well. 

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