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    Toto Santiko Budi for Forbes Indonesia

    This is a big year for the prancing horse, as 70 years ago on March 12, 1947, Enzo Ferrari fired up the first Ferrari, the 125 S. To celebrate the 70th anniversary of the brand, Ferrari Jakarta as the official dealer of Ferrari recently held a series of events, including a grand press conference at the Indonesia Convention Exhibition. Occupying one big hall, there were 70 Ferrari models from various eras, lined up in the shape of the number 70 if seen from above. Around 100 members of the press were treated to a premier unveiling of the LaFerrari Aperta, a limited edition hybrid hypercar created specially for the brand’s anniversary. Finally, Enrico Galliera, the chief marketing and commercial officer of Ferrari, flew from Maranello (Ferrari's hometown) to meet the press at the event.

    ForbesLife Indonesia was among the privileged few to interview Enrico during his short visit to Jakarta. While Ferrari is arguably one of the most popular car brands worldwide, Enrico admired the passion that the Indonesian people showed for the brand, especially the Ferrari owners. For Ferrari, Indonesia is a very important market even though the size of the market is not the largest in Asia. “You can see from the cars displayed here, there are many passionate clients and collectors and drivers. Many of them come for our events either to drive or to race, there is a strong passion for the brand. Among the Asian countries, this is where we have some of the most passionate clients in the region,” Enrico says.

    Enrico was appointed as Ferrari's chief marketing and commercial officer in April 2010. From 1990 to 2010 he worked for Barilla S.p.A, where he held multiple positions, ultimately becoming Europe and export market unit director. During his time at Barilla S.p.A, he also served as director of customer business development for Europe, general manager for South West Europe and trade marketing director for Italy. Enrico holds a degree in economics and political science from the University of Parma.

    Ferrari has been officially represented in Indonesia since 2001 under Surya Sejahtera Otomotif as a sole importer, and PT Citra Langgeng Otomotif as a sole distributor, both are under the Mugi Rekso Abadi (MRA) Group. Ferrari Jakarta organized one of the biggest celebrations for the brand, with seven events such as the Ferrari’s Gentleman Photo Exhibition, and a gala dinner. Its biggest event is the Ferrari Festival of Speed. “This showcased the passion of the clients and the dedication of our partner Ferrari Jakarta for the brand. The moment we decided that the 70th anniversary should be big, Ferrari Jakarta came up with something extravagant,” Enrico says.

    According to Enrico, many Ferrari owners in Indonesia come to visit Maranello. “It’s like seeing la mama or the mother, there is a moment where you have to go back and experience and smell, hear the noises and feel the smell of the car,” Enrico says. The deep passion of Ferrari owners in Indonesia is not without its proof; there are many collectors that have various limited editions and rare models of Ferrari. Among the models in Indonesia are a Ferrari Enzo, at least two LaFerraris and several rare classics such as the Ferrari 250 TR, Dino 246 GTS, and 365 GT 2 + 2 “Queen Mary.”

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