Horological Obsession
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    Ahmad Zamroni / Forbes Indonesia

    Young businessman Mr. X of Horonation is an Instagram sensation—his almost-daily updates on fine watches have drawn more than 27,000 followers. While he is happy to share his passion for watches, Mr. X is less keen to reveal his identity. So he hides his face in public with an Iron Man mask (a favorite superhero). His bashfulness is shared by many in the world of elite watch collectors—many prefer to keep low profiles. To produce this article, ForbesLife Indonesia agreed to feature Mr. X with his signature mask (and not to reveal his identity).

    While Mr. X stays mysterious, there’s no mystery about his collection. He has carefully built one of the most impressive fine watch collections in the country. His watches cover a wide range of brands and styles, from a mainstay Rolex to the niche Finnish maker Voutilainen. Most importantly, Mr. X has chosen to take his own path in collecting. Growing up, Mr. X desired the classic Rolex. But when he was finally successful enough to buy such a watch, he chose a Pasha watch from Cartier, as his first high-end watch. For M. X, it was a turning point on the start of his watch-collecting journey. “Every watch has its personality that attracts us, and it shows our taste. I wanted to be different from the other collectors,” says Mr. X.

    Even his Rolex models are carefully selected. He owns a rare Rolex Daytona Paul Newman, with a fuschia bezel. It is in prime condition, which could be worth more than $200,000. “Collectors like to have something that is hard to get, for a prime vintage sometime you can't even have it, even though you have the money, because no one wants to sell it,” he says.

    Horonation started his collection of watches gradually as his business become more successful, and he can afford more expensive watches. After the Cartier, he started to collect Panerai watches, at one point owning 10 Panerais, and joining the Panerista community. According to him, joining a watch community is important so one can share a passion with those who have a similar interest in fine watchmaking. “I enjoyed the process to learn about watches and the community. It is important as we get support from those who share the same passion,” he says. He recalls that he was able to obtain a limited edition Panerai—one of only 11 pieces worldwide because of connection to the watch community. “I finally could buy one,” he says.

    After Panerai, he began to collect Richard Mille. His first Richard Mille was a RM-10 purchased for $23,000 on Ebay; now the watch can be sold for more than double that. “I used to buy a watch to show my identity, but now it’s more of a passion. I have learned a lot and currently it's a good hobby, as good watches retains their value,” he says. As his business become bigger, he was able to buy more rare watches, and expand to the world of independent watch brands. “A watch is like a stepping stone for me, we have to be not easily satisfied in life, and life has its steps.  A rare watch motivates me to improve my business,” says Mr. X.

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