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    Ahmad Zamroni / Forbes Indonesia

    PT Navya Retail Indonesia, one of the retailers of the Swiss watch brand Omega in Indonesia, recently opened the biggest Omega boutique in the country, at 124 sqm, in Mal Kelapa Gading. With this opening, Omega now has eight monobrand outlets in the country from its various retailers. Despite a crowded luxury watch market, Navya Retail Indonesia Chief Executive Benjamin Hendrajasa is upbeat on the opportunities in Indonesia. “Omega is a fantastic brand, it has an amazing heritage, as well as cutting edge technologies in watchmaking,” says Benjamin. Navya Retail Indonesia is a member of the Al-Futtaim Group, a Dubai-based diversified MNC that operates mostly in the Mideast and Southeast Asia. Navya itself in Sanskrit means young and modern, embodying a youthful spirit that strives for success, and apt to capture the spirit of Navya Retail Indonesia. Before taking his role in 2015, Benjamin Hendrajasa previously was the chief financial officer of Adidas Indonesia and the chief marketing officer of FWD Indonesia. Benjamin tripled the business of Adidas Indonesia within four years, and launched a digital channel for FWD insurance. 

    In Indonesia, the company currently holds 11 international brands: Adidas, Baia Baia, Billabong, Dope & Dapper, Ipanema, Omega, Old Navy, Quiksilver, Rado, Samba, Ted Baker and Vans. Benjamin has always been impressed by Omega, even before he came to the job. An Omega watch not only went to the moon on the Apollo 11 mission, Omega is also known for its innovations such as its Master Chronometer standard that make timepieces more precise, durable and resistant to magnetic influence. Benjamin also has visited the Omega factory in Villeret, Switzerland, which increased his admiration for the brand. “I was amazed with all the technology and innovation in watchmaking,” Benjamin says.

    Benjamin sees a competitive advantage in having good customer engagement beyond just offering a good product and service. “People who buy an Omega expect to get special treatment, and every customer must receive that when they enter the store, regardless of whether they are buying or not,” Benjamin says. He also feels the location of the boutique is strategic—Kelapa Gading in north Jakarta is home to many upscale families but most high-end retail is located in south and central Jakarta. “We are interested to explore new areas to open outlets in the next two to three years, maybe in big cities such as Bandung and Medan,” Benjamin says. Aside from one Omega boutique in Surabaya, the only other Omega boutiques outside Jakarta are in Bali.

    Aside from Omega, the company also holds the license to sell Rado, another premium Swiss-made watch from the Swatch Group. According to Benjamin, the positioning of Rado is more affordable than Omega, so it will be in more stores and generate more volume for the company. With a more affordable price range Benjamin aims to make Rado more popular in Indonesia, “I want Rado to be the top of mind for young executives in Indonesia,” Benjamin says.

    Navya Retail Indonesia has grown extensively this year, with a total of 45 boutique openings from all of its brands expected by year-end. Those boutiques will be spread to key cities throughout Indonesia, including Jakarta, Bandung, Yogyakarta, Surabaya, Denpasar, Makassar and Manado.

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