Fly High, Fearlessly
    Category: Column By : Hermawan Kartajaya Read : 467 Date : Thursday, December 07, 2017 - 08:26:26

    Nowadays, many companies are facing disruption. From retail to transportation industries, traditional companies are must survive the onslaught of relative newcomers reshaping their sectors. In Indonesia, the attention to business disruption has overshadowed an interesting phenomenon, the high performance of the Indonesia Stock Exchange this year, despite modest growth in the overall economy.

    Each year, MarkPlus awards one person the title of Marketeer of the Year (MOTY), our highest annual award. Candidates can come from any company or industry, but must demonstrate exceptional performance. This year we have made some improvements in the MOTY selection procedure. For instance, the Tourism Minister, who was also MOTY in 2013, will be in a video at the opening session of the MarkPlus Conference 2018 on December 7. The Minister heads a panel of judges who picked the winner, with support from MOTY winners from 2006 to 2016, Indonesian Marketing Association board members and senior MarkPlus executives.

    To be considered, candidates must participate in the selection process. Owing to the current hot tech startup scenario, the MOTY awards this year should attract great attention. A key criteria to select the winner is a company matrix based on financial performance and market capitalization or valuation. The companies are divided into four categories: a “sparrow” with bad financial performance and low market capitalization/valuation, an “eagle” having both good financial performance and good market cap/valuation, a “cockroach” with good financial performance and low market cap/valuation, and finally a “unicorn,” with bad financial performance but high valuation.

    The selection process for MOTY was challenging and complex—many exceptional candidates produced extraordinary performances this year. To narrow the choices, the judging panel agreed that size does count for MOTY, including market capitalization/valuation. In the end, the panel selected Ririek Adriansyah of Telkomsel as MOTY for 2017 for running an “eagle” company. He has good performance and a good management style—especially by embracing disruption by welcoming startups via Next Dev, a Telkomsel initiative to select startups, and Next Academy, a Telkomsel initiative to grow startups.

    Ririek also made a unique career move, going from the parent Telkom BOD to head up its largest subsidiary, Telkomsel. Although Telkomsel brings in a majority of the profit and sales in the Telkom group, it is still unusual for a senior executive to move down from a parent to a subsidiary—most try to go in the opposite direction. For almost two decades, Telkomsel has demonstrated its “eagle” spirit by flying high, despite disruption. If Telkomsel continues to perform well, we should appreciate the man managing the company to ensure its high performance. I congratulate all MOTY nominees and the MOTY Winner 2017. Fly higher and higher!