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    Ahmad Zamroni / Forbes Indonesia

    Lexus Indonesia recently had a great gift for its 10th anniversary last year as it recorded its highest growth in sales in its history here, doubling its sales to 1,000 units at the end of 2016. The rise was attributed to a new lineup of SUVs and the brand’s unique approach in selling cars. Lexus Indonesia took a quality over quantity route compared to its European rivals; it only focuses on the high-end of the market. While its European competitors sell many cars under Rp 1 billion, Lexus Indonesia opted to only sell those starting from Rp 1 billion. With less volume, the brand can then give more personalized and luxurious service for its customers. Thus, Lexus avoids a head to head competition with its European competitors.

    Service is where the brand tries to outperform its rivals. One example is when one visits the Lexus Gallery showroom and workshop in Menteng—it is radically different from a typical showroom. For sure, there are three cars on display, and a service area but that’s where the similarities end. On the ground floor, it has fish ponds and a grand piano in the corner, and the second floor has a library, a fridge full of premium ice cream and a private lounge where the customer also can see the car being serviced below. Order a cappuccino and it will come with a Lexus logo on top with some biscuits on the side a la a fancy café.

    At several premium hotels and malls, the brand already has a dedicated VIP parking space so Lexus owners don’t have the hassle of searching for parking, such as the Fairmont Jakarta and the Grand Indonesia mall. To celebrate the 10th anniversary of the brand in Indonesia, Lexus also created a custom food truck with a celebrity chef—who used to cook for Michael Jackson—for customers to dine with their guests. “All these details are maybe not essential for other brands, but for us they are important,” says Adrian Tirtadjaja, 38, general manager of Lexus Indonesia.

    When Adrian wanted to launch the brand, he went to several Lexus dealerships around the world from Japan to the U.S. However, he wasn’t satisfied with what he found, he felt Indonesian customers were different from the global profile. He researched the customer base here, and realized that Indonesian high-end customers would need more personalized and premium services. So, from the beginning, the brand has focused on its services. His bosses in Japan were reluctant at first, as they wanted to stick to a global concept. “They hesitantly agreed in the end,” Adrian says. The concept was later deemed such a success that Lexus imported the idea to Japan, opening its first Lexus gallery in the swanky Aoyama area of Tokyo in 2008.

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