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    Google’s YouTube has over 1.5 billion logged-in users a month from all over the world, indicating that video content is booming. The platform has changed the way information is communicated. YouTube Chief Executive Susan Wojcicki says she has learned many skills from YouTube, from fixing appliances at home, to answering her kids’ questions about black holes. In Indonesia, YouTube users now exceed 50 million, and even President Joko Widodo has created his own YouTube channel, posting various videos, including him eating meatballs.

    YouTube has also become a major advertising channel. Beside ads, YouTubers can directly work with brands by promoting their products and services in their video content, do crowdfunding by asking fans to support their channel, or even do events where they meet fans and sell merchandise.

    So how much can Indonesian creators earn from advertising? “There are no guarantees under the YouTube partnership agreement about how much, or whether, creators will be paid. Earnings are generated based on a share of advertising revenue generated when people view your video, and more views may lead to more revenue,” Jason  Tedjasukmana, Head of Corporate Communication for Google Indonesia, writes in an email to Forbes Indonesia. (Some creators say that it is between $0.2 and $1 per 1,000 ad impressions).

    YouTube has officially stated that more creators than ever are earning a living on its platform, with those making over six figures are up over 40% year-on-year. One of the top 10 YouTube content creators is Arief Muhammad, 27. He started his digital content when he was still pursuing a law degree at Trisakti University in Jakarta, tweeting funny yet hopelessly romantic content, and that led him to create a blog, book, and movie on the same genre. In 2013, he went on YouTube, making a sketch and short movies, and two years later his first video post. Now, he is a full-time content creator, with more than one million subscribers, while his videos have been viewed over 150 million times in total.

    The contents of his channel are 80% daily vlog and travel videos with his wife Tiara Pangestika. “At first, I was not sure that people would like to watch my daily life, but the reality has shown me the opposite. People enjoy light content like that because it is entertaining,” he says. Now others would like to copy him. “When I visit some schools for talk shows about content creation and social media, many students said their dream job is to be a YouTuber,” he laughs.

    Beside ad revenue, Arief says much income comes from brand partnerships. Starting two years ago, top brands approached Arief, such as Samsung, Tokopedia and Traveloka. He declined to say the pricing for such partnership, only saying that he gets steady income from them. 

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