Exhilarating SUV
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    Aswin Prasetyo for Forbeslife Indonesia

    Only a few that can design a beautiful SUV, and Jaguar is arguably one of the few luxury car brands that pull this off. Inspired by the Jaguar C-X17 concept car, the Jaguar F-Pace SUV was meant to have the brand’s signature design and performance characteristics. When finally seen, the SUV has a wide and aggressive styling with a Jaguar signature silhouette for the exterior. The center of the hood is raised, with a roof that slanted to the rear and a taillight influenced by the Jaguar F-Type, giving the F-Pace a strong performance DNA. While aggressive, the design is still subtle and nuanced giving the car balance and appeal.

    ForbesLife Indonesia tested the Jaguar F-Pace 2.0 Prestige, a more attainable model compared to that with the V6 supercharged engine—a price difference of around Rp 300 million. While more affordable, it packs the same equipment and options as the V6 model with a smaller engine and different wheels. Being more affordable, the SUV having a smaller engine doesn't mean it’s inferior compared to the V6 model. The SUV’s two liter inline four-cylinder engine is an “Ingenious” engine, specially designed by Jaguar, which is the newest engine platform from the brand that uses aluminum to save weight. Aside from that, it has twin turbochargers that make the engine able to churn its 365Nm of peak torque from as low as 1,200 rpm to 4,500 rpm. For daily driving, it is more superior than the supercharger in the V6, which can only give maximum torque of 450 Nm at 4,500 Rpm. Tested on the road, the engine was able to perform as expected with smooth power for overtaking on the highway or maneuvering around the city. The car was also quite efficient, as we able to record 12.9 l/100 km of fuel efficiency.

    The car has a split personality—tame enough for city driving, but once switched to sports mode, the SUV turns into a performance car, with plenty of fun factor. To activate the sports mode is a bit tricky though, as one has to depress a knob from drive mode to the right and the car won’t turn to sports mode if the knob isn’t depressed. Once in sports mode, you can use manual shifting, and the car will have a sharper throttle response, firmer suspension, and a louder exhaust note. On paper it doesn't have the strongest performance and acceleration figures, on the road the car feels decently fast and engaging to drive. While there wasn’t a chance to test the SUV on a winding road, the rapid acceleration makes one draw a breath and bring a smile—for a two-liter turbocharged engine, the performance wasn’t bad at all.

    Inside the car, it has the same equipment as the more expensive V6 model. It is luxurious, with leather seats and padding in its panel and dashboard. Enhancing the premium ambience, the SUV has a huge panoramic glass roof that can be enjoyed by all passengers. It also has some optional equipment as standard, such as a 10.2-inch touchscreen center screen that's intuitive to use, much like a smartphone. For entertainment, the car is equipped with a Meridian sound system powered by a 380 watt amplifier and channeled to 11 speakers including subwoofer. The sound system delivered a decent performance with clear and full vocals with a crisp treble and deep bass.

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