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    Ahmad Zamroni for Forbes Indonesia

    In Asia, software giant Microsoft started its business more than 30 years ago, and today it has more than 16,000 employees in 18 Asia-Pacific countries, including Indonesia. Microsoft entered Indonesia in 1995 and established a representative office. Today it has more than 170 staff here, and has been led from November 2017 by Haris Izmee as president director of Microsoft Indonesia. Originally planning to be an aeronautical engineer, Haris, 41, studied the subject at the University of London, graduating in 1998. He then worked at Malaysian aeronautical firm Airod in Kuala Lumpur, before moving on to Panasonic in Singapore. He joined General Electric Indonesia in 2011, rising up to become country director of GE Healthcare in 2014, where he led GE Healthcare to significant growth in Indonesia, having previously help grow its GE’s commercial aviation business. Haris says one of Microsoft’s aims here is to help Indonesia grow its digital sector. “For more than 23 years, Microsoft Indonesia has partnered with Indonesian government and private sectors. We want to be available everywhere. Indonesia is the fifth largest Internet connected economy in the world because 50% Indonesians are connected. So we want Indonesia to join the digital economy revolution,” says Haris.

    Forbes Indonesia (FI): What are Microsoft’s goals in Indonesia?

    Haris Izmee (HI): Microsoft Indonesia wants to empower every individual and organization to have better performance. We also want to make sure that our solutions help all our customers, no matter how big or small their business. We want to change the culture in today’s business world to accelerate digital transformation. We want to bring together data, people, and hardware to create more value.

    FI: What are the key products or services here?

    HI: Microsoft is very focused on cloud technology. We want to make this technology more accessible and very affordable to every big or small company. Microsoft’s cloud computing platform is called Microsoft Azure.

    FI: Who uses your cloud services?

    HI: Microsoft cloud services are being used by local companies such as Garuda Indonesia and Toyota Indonesia. They trust Microsoft cloud services to manage their assets. To support these services and gain their trust, we invest more than $1 billion per year for cybersecurity.

    FI: How can companies benefit from digital transformation?

    HI: We strongly believe eventually every company will be a software company. An organization that has transformed digitally will get better performance and results, and can lead in the digital era. To do so, an organization has to create a digital culture, because it is the key for an organization to digitally transform. Second, they need to build an information ecosystem so that they can have more access from both external and internal sources of information. Data application is the key to success in the digital economy, which can be used to create profit. Division and collaboration in data management is also essential.

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