Silky Treats
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    Toto Santiko Budi for Forbes Indonesia

    When siblings Euginie Patricia Agus, 24, and Adrian Agus, 26, struggled to name any strong local brand of dessert five years ago, they decided to create one. With the help of their father’s pudding recipe and initial capital of Rp 5 million from their parents, Euginie and Adrian invented Puyo Desserts.

    The idea from their father was to make a silky-textured pudding, different from most Indonesian puddings, which have a more solid texture. Pudding is common dessert in Indonesia, yet back then there were no local pudding brands. Mostly, pudding products were homemade. “We thought we could repackage our dad’s pudding and sell it with a brand,” says Adrian. They got further inspiration from “The Billionaire,” a 2011 Thai movie about a college dropout who started a seaweed snack company (replacing pudding for seaweed snacks).

    Started in July 2013, they first launched their product through personal Instagram accounts. Eager to make their product stand out, they sold pudding with unconventional flavors such as bubble gum, taro and green tea. In addition, they use neither dairy products nor preservatives. Euginie and Adrian sold them in small cups, to make it easy to take away and be eaten as a single serving. The name “Puyo” was actually their cousin’s nickname. “He agreed to let us use his name. We bought the rights to it for Rp 30,000. Now he sometimes jokes that he regrets selling it that cheap,” Euginie laughs.

    Driven by ambition to be more than an Instagram hit, they aimed to enter malls with retail shops. They took baby steps by participating at numerous bazaars for the first three months. Receiving a positive response, they opened their first booth in Living World Alam Sutera Mall in Tangerang.

    Now, Puyo Desserts has 40 outlets spread across Jabodetabek and Bandung, with daily production of at least 5,000 cups a day. With a selling price of Rp 12,500 per cup, Forbes Indonesia calculates their monthly revenue is exceeding $130,000. Adrian claims that the company is growing around 35% year-on-year, with the most aggressive expansion last year, when they added at least one outlet every month. For their success, the pair were named this year to Forbes Asia’s 30 under 30 list under the Arts category.

    The value of their assets also multiplied rapidly in the last five years, from a secondhand refrigerator to a production facility with cold storage and an R&D team. Puyo Dessert now 12 fixed flavors, while constantly trying out new ones. The outlets also serve drinks similar to bubble tea but with a Puyo topping. They called them “silky desserts” and “silky drinks.”

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