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    Category: Issues & Ideas By : Sonya Angraini Read : 1942 Date : Tuesday, April 16, 2013 - 14:42:05

    Ahmad Zamroni / Forbes Indonesia

    Last year, Jakarta was engrossed in the gubernatorial election, and most pollsters predicted a reelection for incumbent Governor Fauzi Bowo. A small startup firm PoliticaWave, founded only in May, chose to be different. Two weeks before the vote, it announced that former Solo mayor Joko Widodo (Jokowi) would win the election, a prediction at odds with the conventional wisdom. As the election went to a second round, PoliticaWave stuck by its prediction. It turned to be right as Jokowi won 53% of the vote.

    The secret to PoliticWave's accuracy? “We monitor social media so we can get insights all the time and this information is continuously updated,” says Yose Rizal, co-founder and director at PoliticaWave. PoliticaWave is a joint venture between two companies: PT Tridaya, owned by Sony Subrata, and PT Mediawave, owned by Yose. The pair set up PoliticaWave to monitor social media related to political issues, and uses its website to publish its findings. Tridaya is engaged with government relations while Mediawave monitors social media for companies.

    The pair's success with Jokowi wasn't a one-off success. In the recent gubernatorial election in West Java, PoliticaWave announced that the incumbent Ahmad Heryawan and running mate Deddy Mizwar would lead the election with more than 30% of the vote. The final result published by the General Elections Commission (KPU) were precisely in line with that forecast. Now the pair are focusing on the gubernatorial election in Bali, which will be held in May.