Obama, Jokowi and Francis
    Category: Column By : Hermawan Kartajaya Read : 1585 Date : Monday, July 08, 2013 - 00:43:21

    The world is seeing three major shifts: from vertical forces to horizontal forces, from exclusivity to inclusivity, and from individual power to social power. These shifts are paradoxical. The more we become horizontal, inclusive and socially connected, the more we gain vertical authority, exclusive image and individual power.

    I first observed these shifts when President Barrack Obama was re-elected. He won not because he accomplished everything he had promised during his first term, but because he had taken advantage of horizontal, inclusive and social influence. Obama is a modest person. But he has the courage to include Republicans in his cabinet and interact with some of the world's hardline leaders.

    The victory of Joko Widodo (Jokowi) in Jakarta's gubernatorial election confirmed my observation. Jokowi is in many ways also very horizontal, inclusive and social—he chose Basuki “Ahok” Purnama, who has a different background, as his running mate. He enjoys immersing himself into the lives of Jakarta people and talking casually to anyone.

    The latest symptom that I observed was the recent election of Pope Francis. Ever since he became the archbishop of Buenos Aires, he has been known for his humility. He gave up the archbishop's palace to live in a small apartment room. He took public transportation everywhere and made friends with everyone. His election to the papacy did not change anything. He remains very humble and casual. He is living in a Vatican guesthouse and not the papal residence. On Maundy Thursday, he washed the feet of a young Muslim prisoner, abandoning Vatican traditions. Against the rules, he discarded the bullet-proof Popemobile and even provided a chair and sandwich to his guard.

    The U.S., which declared independence in 1776, only elected Obama in 2008. Jakartans chose a person such as Jokowi after the province's 485th anniversary. The Catholic Church elected someone like Pope Francis after 2013 years. The Vatican's papacy was indeed a vertical, exclusive, and individual organization.

    Obama, Jokowi and Francis came from different countries and have different religious backgrounds. But they were elected in the same decade albeit in different ways. Obama used big data and micro-marketing to analyze voters, especially in swing states.  Jokowi won thanks to successful emotional marketing. He won over the youth, women and netizens.