Eight Morsels of CEO Wisdom
    Category: Column By : Andrew Tani Read : 1142 Date : Sunday, January 12, 2014 - 06:07:39

    Here are eight morsels of wisdom that got the most reactions from the CEO Circle (bb pin: 2AB42C9E) in 2013.

    1. Pray. Ponder. Percolate. Ponder again—test for reality and realizability. Plan. Coordinate. That's the sequence of thought, decision and action to take before you start to do anything with major consequences in life. Pray first. Always.

    2. See first what the other person sees, and they are yours to lead. We can only do it by observing, asking and listening with attention and an open mind. Observe, ask, listen, validate, understand. And only after then, lead. Always. 

    3. You asked me, “How do I get—and keep—people's trust?” Do three things well. 1) Be sincere. 2) Be reliable and 3) Be consistent. Trust is the fragile fabric of relationship that is strengthened by adversity and weakened by the failure to do any of those three things. Be trustworthy. Always.

    4. Organizational momentum—the energy needed to execute—is fuelled by collective desire, heightened by good teamwork, and sustained by the effective and efficient deployment of quanta—the organized forces of people-money-things (what the Japanese call hito-kane-mono). To execute with excellence, cultivate collective desire, plan and equip well, build teamwork and deploy the right quanta. Always.

    5. There are Five Principles for a Good Life that I call NIKIS.

    a) Niat – Have the right intention for it is the best way to birth an initiative; 
b) Ikhlas – Learn and practice to accept the way things turn out that are not to your liking because there will be many; 
c) Kasih – Be willing to make sacrifices out of love so you can learn to be humble; 
d) Ilmu – Find your talent & develop it to increase your chances for success in creating value and reaching your goals; and 
e) Syukur – Be grateful for everything, during good times and bad, for it is all part of God's plan for your life. Practice the NIKIS Principles for a Good Life. Always.

    6. Values drive attention. Attention is your limited resource to select facts, articulate problems and goals, ponder considerations, options and potential consequences, and arrive at your final choice, the resulting pattern of which defines your personality. Circumstances occur that are favorable or otherwise, resulting in success or failure, the outcome of all which define your reputation. Circumstances are beyond your control. Values are within. Make a wise choice. Always.

    7. To lead well you need to do five things well: 1) Initiate: Ponder. Analyze. Relate. Compare. Test for truth. Decide based on values. Plan your action steps and measures. 2) Connect: Hear. Understand. Share. Exchange. 3) Drive: Know what to do. Or not do. Get dedication. Inspire. Energize. 4) Control: Get to where you're going. Reflect. Adjust. Calibrate. Optimize. Achieve. 5) Celebrate: Show gratitude. Congratulate. Give thanks. Have fun. Leadership is difficult but rewarding. Be a complete leader. Always.


    8. Getting or not getting what you expect puts you in a good or bad mood. Mood affects performance in everything you do. Therefore, expectation ultimately affects your performance, both positively or negatively. Wisely choose your expectations. Always.