Blooming Arts
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    Ahmad Zamroni / Forbes Indonesia

    Jasmine Prasetio is only the second country manager in Sotheby's history in Indonesia. Set up four years ago, Sotheby's in Indonesia was run by Deborah Iskandar until last February when Jasmine took over the position. Her timing couldn't be better, as Indonesian art and artists are rising in prominence in the global art world. “It's the best time to be back in Indonesia, as now we see increased international interest in Indonesian art, not only from a commercial standpoint but also curators are interested in Indonesian art,” says Jasmine, who gives her age as “30 something.”

    According to Jasmine the role of Sotheby's Indonesia is not just to sell art but also to promote the development of the art ecosystem in the country, such as the galleries, museums, artists and collectors. “In Indonesia we don't have museums as they have in New York, so I hope we can show people that art is not only something cold and distant, but something that they can enjoy every day,” says Jasmine.

    Jasmine has a strong background in the arts. Although she graduated from Wellesley College in the U.S. with a degree in economics, her family were art-lovers and used to take young Jasmine out to whatever museums and exhibits were available in Jakarta and elsewhere.

    She joined Sotheby's Singapore in 2004 and moved to Hong Kong in 2009 as a specialist in Southeast Asian paintings. In that role, she became aware of how much interest in Indonesian art had grown in the recent years. “What is great about being in Sotheby's is that we are honed to find beauty in things we are not familiar with in the beginning, so we evolve as we are exposed to a lot of new types of arts,” Jasmine says.

    According to Jasmine, international interest for Indonesian art is fueled in part by the wide range of artistic expression, such as Yogyakarta's Indonesia Arts Institute (ISI) and the Bandung Institute of Technology. This kind of artwork is unique to Indonesia. “We are a melting pot of different cultures and influence, so our art is passionate, sincere, warm and engaging,” Jasmine says.