Luxury Living
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    Ahmad Zamroni / Forbes Indonesia

    Wish to sleep like royalty? You may find the answer at Luxe Living. There, Julius Ruslan, the owner and founder of Luxe Living, will offer you Hastens, Swedish oldest manufacturer of beds since 1852 and the bedding of the Swedish royal family.

    Hastens mattress are built by hand and filled with horsehair. The rest of the bed is made from natural materials, such as cotton, wool, flax and Swedish pine.

    The price of such privilege is only for the most well-heeled. At Luxe Living, Hastens mattresses sell for $29,000 to $80,000 per mattress. One Luxe Living customer for Hastens is property developer tycoon Ciputra, who paid $80,000 for a Hastens mattress. “I personally use Hastens before I become the distributor. For me, the most important part of my house is my bedroom,” says Julius at his showroom in Jakarta.

    Focusing on the niche market for high-end home products, Luxe Living is one of the companies under Julius' Milestone Pacific Group, a diversified media group. Luxe features premium brands not only in bedding, but also home furnishings such as for the kitchen from Bulthaup (Germany) and furniture from Minotti (Italy), Carl Hansen & Son (Denmark), Fritz Hansen (Denmark).

    “The brands' high quality of craftsmanship make it unfeasible to manufacture them locally. That's why I'm convinced that I can penetrate the market here in spite of the products' high prices,” says Julius, 39.

    Bulthaup's cabinets, for instance, makes it possible to reorganize the interior drawers and pull-outs in line with individual needs and preferences. Together with dividers and accessories, they allow users to arrange and store cutlery, kitchen utensils, food and other items as they see fit.

    Luxe Living was initially started after Julius visited Stockholm in 2008. At random, Julius and his wife went into a Hastens showroom. Amazed with the brand's high-quality beds, Julius decided to open a business in luxury living a year later. “I started Luxe Living because I wanted to build my house. At that time, I saw that Indonesia didn't have a lot of things, particularly high-end furniture. So I realized, since it couldn't be provided locally, why not become the distributor?” Julius remembers. 

    At the beginning, Julius brought in many brands of furniture. As time went by, not all the brands proved popular. Even Hastens had problems—he had to close down the showroom in Sudirman Central Business District due to poor sales. “We keep the brands that work and get rid of those that don't,” he says. Although he has only a few brands, Luxe Living booked at least Rp 20 billion of sales in recent years, with a minimum transaction of Rp 200 million. “This business can't make one rich, but it makes money anyway. That's why I don't aspire to have the biggest company in Indonesia. I just want to be the most comfortable one,” says Julius.