Unique Concepts
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    Courtesy of Tauzia

    Success for Marc Steinmeyer, 59, is the ability to live your life as you wish. It was this desire that led the former chief executive for Asia of French hotel group Accor to quit his job in 2001 and establish PT Tauzia Hotel Management. Along with hotel management services, Tauzia provides estate management and consulting services. Being in Asia for a decade inspired Marc to become an entrepreneur. “I want to be free, free to create and do what I believe, to create concepts, ideas, and jobs that can change the lives of many people,” says Marc, a French citizen.

    The name Tauzia (“wise” in Arabic) is derived from an oak tree that grows in Marc’s home in Southwest France; he hopes his company will last as long. Rather than set up in China or India, he chose Indonesia because he is familiar with the culture, and he sees the country as a strong, stable democracy.

    “At that time nobody believed in Indonesia, but I saw the potential of the economy,” Marc says. For five years, Tauzia consulted with Accor on its expansion in Indonesia. He launched its own hotel brand in 2002, and now it manages a full range: deluxe properties, midscale hotels, and budget accommodations. As of last December, the company had 20 hotels from two brands with more than 3,600 rooms, making it the second largest local hotel chain by rooms after the Santika group (including international chains, Accor is the largest in the country with more than 14,000 rooms).

    With huge plans in the works, Tauzia is upbeat about the hotel industry’s long-term potential. It expects to quadruple growth by managing another 83 hotels that are still in development in the next two years and increasing the number of rooms to almost 18,000, reaching a total of 103 hotels by 2015.

    Marc relies on close partnerships when expanding his company’s brands. “For me trust is important,” he says. “It doesn’t matter if it is the best location or it is a big developer if there is no trust.” Currently Tauzia works with around 30 partners.

    Much of Tauzia’s success comes down to the strength of its unique brands. Harris, the midscale chain established in 2002, helped to set the tone. “Harris is a symbol of the new Indonesia, so I make it more stylish and to promote a healthy lifestyle, especially for the younger generations,” Marc says. Currently there are 13 Harris Hotels with more than 2,500 rooms. The name Harris came because it sounds friendly in both Bahasa Indonesia and English.

    Tauzia never intended to expand beyond its initial brand. But as the economy grew—and with it the market for cheaper rooms—so the company created Pop!, an eco-friendly budget hotel that tries to use solar energy and limits the use of paper and plastic. Currently it has seven hotels in operation with 1,153 rooms. To fill the gap between the midscale and budget segments, Tauzia created Yello hotels, which has a modern, artistic design and caters to busy, tech savvy customers.  Currently there are 14 Yello hotels being developed with 2,317 rooms. “Each brand has a concept, style, image and spirit,” Marc says.