Jakarta Redefined
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    Illustration by Aprianto Setiawan

    Pertamina Energy Tower
    The Pertamina Energy Tower is said to be the world’s first clean energy skyscraper. Rising 99 stories, the edifice is specifically designed to attune for Jakarta’s vicinity to the equator with its crown opened up to harness prevailing winds and generate energy. The tower, designed by Skidmore, Ownings & Merrill LLP and developed by the state-owned energy firm Pertamina, is planned for completion by 2019. However, some analysts say that the tower’s realization is subject to approval from the new government to be elected in 2014.
    Jakarta Bay
    The National Capital Integrated Coastal Development is part of a citywide flood defense strategy. This development features a 40 km giant sea wall, incorporated with infrastructure such as toll roads, freight trains and light rail, all along the Jakarta coast. The lead consultant, Dutch firm Witteveen+Bros, together with another Dutch firm Grontmij, head the group. The project has the support of the Dutch government and funding from the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The first stage of construction will commence mid-2014, costing around Rp 150 billion, and the entire project is targeted to be completed by 2030.
    Jakarta Monorail
    Jakarta Monorail, managed by PT Jakarta Monorail and its new parent company Ortus Holdings, is expected to be fully operational in 2018. The monorail will operate in two corridor lines; the Blue Line will cover a 14 km corridor, starting from Kampung Melayu to Tanah Abang across 12 stations, while the Green Line will cover a 15 kilometer, in a loop which links Casablanca to Rasuna Said across 15 stations. This project, estimated to cost $1.5 billion, will be fully funded and constructed by the state-run China Communications Construction Co. However, construction has been delayed as the Jakarta government waits for further clarification on the project.
    Signature Tower jakarta
    The Signature Tower Jakarta is meant to be the iconic structure defining Jakarta’s skyline. It is planned to stand 638 meters high, with 113 stories above the ground and six below, eclipsing Malaysia’s Petronas Tower as Southeast Asia’s tallest building and becoming the fifth tallest building in the world. It is being proposed by PT Grahamas Adisentosa, owned by tycoon Tomy Winata. The building is likely to be integrated with the Pacific Place mall in Jakarta. Construction is planned to start this year and is expected to be completed by 2020.
    Mass Rapid Transit (MRT)
    Project operator PT Mass Rapid Transit Jakarta began construction of Jakarta’s first mass rapid transit in October 2013, and it is scheduled to be completed in 2017. The first phase of the construction includes a 16-kilometer long rail track connecting Lebak Bulus (South Jakarta) to the Hotel Indonesia traffic circle with six underground stations and seven elevated ones. The MRT is expected to cost $82 million per kilometer and will be funded by a $1.2 billion soft loan from the Japan International Cooperation Agency and another $143 million from the city budget.
    The Deep Tunnel
    Similar to Kuala Lumpur’s “Stormwater Management And Road Tunnel” or SMART tunnel, the Jakarta deep tunnel project will serve a dual purpose as an underground motorway to ease traffic congestion and a rainwater diversion tunnel. The tunnel will span 19 km from MT Haryono in East Jakarta to Pluit in North Jakarta, with the first 10 km used for motor traffic and the final section used permanently for flood control. During periods of especially heavy rains, traffic can be temporarily halted and the entire tunnel can be used as a giant reservoir for added flood control. The development cost is estimated to be around Rp 16 trillion.