Work First
    Category: Entrepreneurs By : Leighton Cosseboom Read : 11134 Date : Thursday, July 10, 2014 - 05:46:55

    Courtesy of Tommy Chen

    Everyone wants a good job, and many companies face the problem of finding the right talent to grow their businesses. With a solution for both sides comes KerjaDulu, a site started by entrepreneur Chris Liu on January 1 to match job seekers with job postings. “I think we have the right product, the right timing and the right team. The market demand is there. It’s the perfect combination,” says Chris, 40.

    He says the site is doing well. “Currently we have over 17,000 registered users with more than 100,000 uploaded email addresses. This is organic growth that came without spending a single dollar on marketing. If we start to promote KerjaDulu, I think we could easily triple and quadruple those numbers,” he says.

    Chris is quick to say that his site is not an Indonesian version of LinkedIn. “Yeah, that’s the general impression, and indeed there are some similarities. However, we are excited about introducing several key differences,” he says. “KerjaDulu is basically a hybrid between social media and traditional job boards. We aim to do a better job in bringing together corporations and talent in a dynamic platform.”

    Chris owns 70% of the site, and founding partner and Chief Technology Officer Bruce Sung, 36, owns the rest. To get the site up and running, it took less than $200,000 in investment, coming from Chris and Bruce. They hired a team of engineers from Taiwan to help build the site.

    To scale up from here, he would like to bring in additional investors. “We’re targeting a $1 million seed round. We are exploring partnership opportunities, from venture capital to some business groups and institutions. Basically we’re looking for partners that can add value and that share the same vision,” says Chris.

    Chris and Bruce would be willing to give up 20% of the company for that amount, valuing the site at $5 million. That valuation, he says, is not fixed. “It all depends on how experienced your team is, how sexy your product is and the future market potential of the industry you are in. All those ingredients will determine the future valuation of a company,” he adds.

    Chris has already started one company in Taiwan, where he founded C2 Networks, an out-of-home digital media network. Previously, he had been the general manager of the Taiwan branch of 24/7 Media, now part of the WPP Group. Last year, he returned to Indonesia to explore opportunities.