Temple of Enthusiasm
    Category: Forbes Life By : Justin Doebele and Tyler Stuart Read : 1402 Date : Saturday, September 13, 2014 - 10:00:02

    Yulinar Rusman for Forbes Indonesia

    Deus Ex Machina is at its heart a company that sells custom motorcycles. Yet its Australian founder, entrepreneur Dare Jennings, had an insight to upgrade that business into a full lifestyle brand. While the core motorcycle business is profitable, the real action—and the real money—is in the branded products, the Deus clothing and accessories, Deus restaurant and bar, and line extensions, such as custom surfboards and bicycles. In other words, Deus is a near-perfect fit for Bali’s hip and trendy who will spend big to look cool and hang out.

    Deus Ex Machina (“God from the machine” in Latin) was started by Dare in a Sydney garage in 2005. He had already built and sold one company, surfwear maker Mambo, so he took the lessons learned there and applied them to Deus from the beginning. His custom bikes and other gear quickly generated a loyal following and some celebrity fans, such as Ryan Reynolds and Orlando Bloom, who bought Deus motorcycles.

    Dare was keen to take the brand global, and his first expansion was to Bali in September 2010 with American surfer and photographer Dustin Humphrey, 39, as a local partner—who has lived in Bali for 16 years and has the Indonesian archipelago tattooed on his arm. Unlike the garage in Sydney, the Bali outlet was a sprawling complex of different buildings, mostly made from recycled teak, on the edge of a rice field in Canggu. The complex, dubbed the Temple of Enthusiasm, has a retail shop, a restaurant and bar, a motorcycle workshop, an artist studio (with an artist in residence program) and art gallery, a photo studio, an entertainment stage for performances and a skateboard park. Just recently, a men’s barber shop was added. The complex has live music on Sunday nights and free tattoos on Tuesday evenings.

    “The idea behind our company is we are not just one thing, because I’m not one thing. I love my fashion, my art, as much as I do my surfing and my motorcycles,” says Dustin. As a blogger called Motor-Surf raved about the complex: “If I could design a dream home, it would include all the above…and probably be in Bali.” Another blogger Rendi Pua exclaims: “The motorcycles, the surfboards, the bikes, the tees, the place, the beer everything is in one package called AWESOMENESS!”

    Why dub it the Temple of Enthusiasm? “My goal is to be enthusiastic, to be with people who are enthusiastic, and influence people to be enthusiastic about their own projects—to know that you can go out there and do it, you can put it all on the line and do something knew, to reinvent yourself,” says Dustin.