Catering To Every Need
    Category: Entrepreneurs By : Kelly A. Paul Read : 4332 Date : Saturday, September 13, 2014 - 10:03:34

    Courtesy of Berry Kitchen

    Berry Kitchen is an online firm started in 2012 by Cynthia Tenggara, 29, that specializes in two areas: catering and food delivery. Cynthia claims Berry Kitchen is the pioneer of online catering in the country. “We are the first of its kind,” says Cynthia, who is the chief executive. On the food delivery side, Berry Kitchen faces many competitors, such as FoodPanda, Klik-Eat and even Hoka Hoka Bento.

    Berry Kitchen tries to differentiate itself by offering a wide selection of its own meals, from Asian to Western, with a menu that changes daily. On a typical day, the site might offer chicken hamburgers, balado ikan asam manis and two types of rice, typically sold in bento boxes.

    Cynthia got the idea for Berry Kitchen after working as a vice president of sales at Groupon Indonesia. Seeing an opportunity in e-commerce, she brainstormed with fellow Groupon alumni Ferry Tenka and Jason Lamuda, and they developed the idea of an online catering firm.

    She initially met some resistance. “When we first met chefs before we started Berry Kitchen, many said that the business model would be impossible to be conducted in Indonesia because people must order a day before. But then I met one chef that thought it would work, and then we tried and it is possible,” says Cynthia, sitting in her second floor office in Jakarta, while the smell of fresh chicken teriyaki floats up from the first-floor kitchen.

    Berry Kitchen now fills 550 catering orders and 100 bento boxes daily and has sales of Rp 350 million a month. Cynthia and her partner, Ivan De Putra, hold majority ownership of PT Dapur Berry Indonesia, the formal name of the company.

    Berry Kitchen’s target market is 30-somethings who work at companies and are comfortable with ordering items online. In 2014, six million Indonesians are expected to buy goods online. The initial startup capital came from passive investors and Cynthia for a total of Rp 250 million. These funds were used to rent the space and to build a large kitchen in what was formerly a two-story house. The money also went towards operational costs for about four months.