One-Stop Testing
    Category: Healthcare By : Gloria Haraito Read : 1755 Date : Saturday, September 13, 2014 - 10:49:49

    Ahmad Zamroni / Forbes Indonesia

    In 1977, Lelarati Lukman’s husband Karmaka Surjaudaja got a liver examination, that showed he had cirrhosis. Two years later, Lelarati and Karmaka met a liver expert in the U.S. who informed that Karmaka had been misdiagnosed. “It was then that I realized the importance of good laboratory work. That is the reason I started Biotest,” says Lelarati, 74. 

    In 1980, Lelarati opened PT Biotest Laboratorium Klinik Utama in Bandung. The goal was to provide faster and better medical testing than what was available at the time, so patients could avoid suffering the same problem experienced by Lelarati and Karmaka. In addition to inaccurate results, many laboratories took a long time to do testing and were only opened for limited hours, usually in the middle of workdays, forcing patients to miss work in order to go for testing.

    Today, Lelarati’s PT Biolaborindo Makmur Sejahtera, the operating company for Biotest, has eight clinics, providing a wide range of testing services in areas such as immunology, cytology, pathology, radiography and ultrasound. Services can cost just Rp 50,000 up to hundreds of thousands of rupiah. The clinics can do up to 500 tests a day.

    The latest Biotest, opened in July in Surabaya, offers an expanded service. It is a two-story operation, with a medical clinic on the second floor, and a laboratory on the first. A drugstore may be added later. This year, Lelarati is optimistic Biotest could have 10% revenue growth and is planning to open a ninth clinic, in Surabaya, in January 2015. She says it costs about Rp 10 billion to open each new outlet, excluding the land costs.

    According to Lelarati, Biotest has many advantages over its peers. “Inspired by my experience as a patient, I urge all staff to treat patients as their family,” says Lelarati, the president director and chief executive. She also requires Biotest to provide results as quickly as possible—providing the results of a cytology examination, for example, in just two hours. Many results are given within the same day, if the testing is done in the morning. If a doctor requests it, Biotest staff will provide testing after regular office hours of 6 am to 9 pm. Currently, Biotest enables patients to get results by email or via an app. The laboratory also offers a service to do testing outside clinics, as long as it provides a minimum of 50 patients for testing. The clients for Biotest are a mix of individuals and corporations, such as BCA, Citibank and PLN.