All at Once
    Category: Entrepreneurs By : Gloria Haraito & Siti Aisyah Rachmawati Read : 1973 Date : Friday, November 14, 2014 - 11:19:11

    Ahmad Zamroni / Forbes Indonesia

    At an age when most were playing with toys, Adrian Bramantyo Musyanif, 26, was taught how to buy and sell land. “I was clueless as to why my father kept taking me to look at land,” he says. That clueless child is now the clued-in chief executive of Samali Hotels and Resorts, a growing local chain. His father Musyanif is now the chief executive of PT Saligading Bersama (SGB), Samali’s holding company.

    His passion for travelling is one reason he was made chief executive of Samali in 2011. “I used to just stay at a hotel. Now I look at every little detail,” he says. This is embodied in Samali’s philosophy of a “harmony of the senses” in which it pledges to take care of their guests’ five senses; hearing, touch, taste, sight and scent. “We’re putting our energy into visually attractive hotel designs, enchanting aromas, exquisite food and beverage, comfortable bedding and pleasing background music,” says Adrian, who goes by the nickname of Bram.

    The name Samali was the name of the street where Bram used to live, and which means “bouquet” in Sanskrit. The floral theme is extended in the sub-brands used by Samali, all with flower names and starting with the letter “a.” Ammi hotels is five stars, followed by the four-star Allium, three-star Arum and two-star Azara. Samali so far has only two operational hotels, the Ammi Cepu and Allium Airport Hotel opened earlier this year. “In terms of revenue mix, we’d expect the three-star hotels to contribute up to 65% of Samali’s revenue as it doesn’t require much investment but we can sell not only the rooms but also the meeting rooms,” he says. Samali’s Allium has maintained an average 95% occupancy rate on weekdays (and 60% on weekends), with clients such as Garuda and Malindo Air regularly occupying its 11 meeting rooms and its ballroom, which can accommodate 1,200.

    One of its upcoming projects is the Ammi Ungasan Bali that will be perched on top of a cliff. The property will consist of stunning villas and a four-story hotel with luxurious features such as a private pool in its top-level penthouse. Accessing the beach will also be a unique experience, as it will have an elevator down to the beach. This project is part of a broader plan, in which Bram plans to open another nine hotels by 2016.