Booked Up
    Category: Technology By : Yessar Rosendar Read : 2890 Date : Friday, November 14, 2014 - 17:29:43

    Ahmad Zamroni / Forbes Indonesia

    Serendipity led Dimas Surya Yaputra, 25, to co-found PT Global Tiket Network, which operates the website, in August 2010. At the time, he was having dinner with his friend, fellow tech entrepreneur Wenas Agusetiawan. The two had already worked together to found Wayang Force, an e-book platform. At the dinner, he was introduced to Natali Ardianto, Gaery Undarsa and Jonathan Sariaatmaja, who were also experienced in Internet startups. Over the dinner, the five came up with the idea to build a booking website. Three months later the five had launched, focused on hotel and movie bookings.

    As with any new business, it was no joyride in the beginning when traffic and transactions were low in the early days. “We struggled in the first few years and things have just started to get better recently, we are lucky to have this brand because the name is catchy and easy to remember," says Dimas in an interview in February.

    In January 2012, the five started to sell concert tickets, which dramatically boosted sales. For example, it was able to sell 1,000 tickets in just two minutes for Japanese rock band L’arc~en~Ciel in May that year, followed five months later by the concert of South Korean pop band Big Bang in which it sold 6,000 tickets in 10 minutes.

    One of the secrets of’s success to keep up with its rapid growth is the use of sophisticated cloud services to help manage its rising traffic, provided by IBM Indonesia. The site uses cloud computing for almost every function, ranging from Web servers to database servers, and thus can expand and reduce usage of its servers as need demands.

    When selling the Big Bang tickets, was able to handle 15,000 users simultaneously, a number that would have caused many other sites to crash or slow to a crawl. In May this year it added flight booking and in August it became the first company to launch train online reservation with the ability to select seats.

    Earlier this year it also started to offer car rentals and theme park tickets. For car rental, cooperates with the several companies such as the Express Group, Cipaganti and Toyota. In total, currently the site offers flights from 12 major airlines, and around 96,000 hotels worldwide. It was also the number one agent for Citilink last year and in the top five sales channel for several other airlines, and sells over 7,000 airline tickets a day. As of November books 2 million room nights daily and has over 1.2 million registered customers.

    According to Internet rating service Alexa, is currently Indonesia’s biggest online domestic travel site and ranked 165 as the most popular websites in Indonesia. It also has won several awards, such as being recognized by the Global Innovation through Science and Technology (GIST) initiative in 2012, an event led by U.S. President Barack Obama to recognize innovative entrepreneurs around the world.