Best Morsels of 2014
    Category: Column By : Andrew Tani Read : 890 Date : Friday, January 16, 2015 - 18:26:40

    Here are the morsels of CEO Wisdom best liked by members of The CEO Circle (BBM Pin: 51F77908) in 2014.


    1) Choices make or break relationships. Because we find comfort from knowing and being with like-minded people. The presidential election has created a wall between “with me” and the “other side.” After the winner is declared, we must reunite and work with the elected. Let us nurture the power of unity in our diversity, which is true people power. Always.


    2) The strategy for a lasting functional relationship is sustained mutual benefit based on pragmatic openness and worthiness of trust. The key ingredients for a lasting functional relationship are self-leadership, empathy, productivity and harmony. Avoid, repair, or terminate dysfunctional relationships. It’s what winners do. Always.


    3) Leadership is the art of accomplishing more than what the science of management thinks is possible. Where managers manage by their head to make transactions, leaders lead by the heart to cultivate relationships. Where managers command by formal authority and control by standards, leaders empower through respect and gain commitment by inspiration. Know when to manage by head and lead by heart. Always.


    4) As within, so without. What and how you think, say and do reflect your state of mind and your state of heart. When you like to hurt others, it’s because you’re hurting inside also. When you’re not sensitive to what others feel, it’s because your Self has become calloused also. It’s harder to love others when you don’t experience love. For what’s inside must come out. Discover your Self to develop your Self. Always.


    5) Leadership is the victory of vision over blindness, of obsession over apathy, of sincerity over hypocrisy, of courage over fear, of determination over resignation, and, above all, it is the victory of love over Self-pride that breeds humility. Lead. Win. Always.


    6) Today, make a conscious effort to listen more intently before your speak a word. Practice Self-leadership. Always.


    7) When the pleasure brought by the similarities do not outweigh the pain brought by the differences, a relationship will not last. Ponder this.


    8) Know your Self well enough to prevent anyone less informed from raising doubt about your talent or your purpose in life. Choose enthusiasm over Self-doubt. Always.


    9) Strained relationships are the bane of being human. If you are in one right now, find the wisdom and the courage to make things right. Apologize. Oh, you were the one wronged? When an apology comes, find the power to forgive, and forget if you can. If an apology does not come, move on. In all cases, learn. Nurture relationships. Always.


    10) To become a good leader, you need to have the V-O-I-C-E of all good leaders. Vision, the ability to see where to go and for what purpose. Obsession, the energy for the journey. Integrity, sincerity in thought, word and deed that engenders trust. Courage, the ability to act with competent confidence when threatened. Empathy, the ability to feel what others feel. Lead with V-O-I-C-E. Always.