FlashFrame Workshop
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    Bismo Agung for Forbes Indonesia

    After building a successful career as an animator, Rini Triyani Sugianto now is trying to mentor others so they can join the animation industry. She spreads her passion for animation through the online course FlashFrame Workshop.  Rini, 35, never thought she would be an animator. In 1997, she studied architecture in Parahyangan University where she was introduced to software that helps people create visual design concepts. Using it, she discovered a passion for computer design and in 2005 got a masters of fine art from the Academy of Art University, California, majoring in animation.

    She then got jobs for about five years doing game and cinematic animation at various places such as Stormfront Studios, Offset Software and Blur Studio, all in California. She then moved to Wellington, New Zealand, to join Peter Jackson’s Weta Digital, where she became an animator on some big Hollywood blockbusters, such as The Avengers, The Hunger Games: Catching Fire and Iron Man 3. She also worked on two of the Hobbit movies. Last year, she moved to the U.S. and worked for George Lucas’s Industrial Light & Magic. She is now working on The Avengers: Age of Ultron that will be released in May.

    As an animator, Rini turns ideas into characters on a screen. According to her, being an animator is not an easy job as it takes lots of time and attention to detail. It is common for an animator to work more than 12 hours a day for months. An animator also has to be willing to move around the world. She feels all the hard work is worth it because many of the films she worked on became huge successes at the box office and also won awards for their animation. Movies with animation are both expensive and labor intensive. About 100 animators worked on the three Hobbit movies, and had a total cost of $560 million to make.

    She says animation provides a decent middle-class living, with junior animator starting at $50,000 and more senior ones making twice that. She is also convinced animator jobs will be increasing in Indonesia because demand is increasing both at home and abroad. In Hobbit, there were only six Indonesians out of around 100 animators.

    Seeing this high demand, in 2012 Rini founded an online animation school called FlashFrame Workshop (FFW). In FFW, Rini gives online animation tutorials with a  tuition fee of Rp 6 million for three months of training. Currently, there are about 20 students in FFW. At FFW, Rini teaches twice a week through videoconference. Like other schools, FFW also gives homework and students have to create a good demo reel. FFW gives tutorials in three class: beginner, intermediate and advanced. Beside FFW, she also often invited to give workshops. “Teaching young people makes me learn as there is always something new in the animation industry,” she says.