Making Indonesia WOW!
    Category: Column By : Hermawan Kartajaya Read : 1207 Date : Monday, March 02, 2015 - 19:40:52

    Last year, Professor Paulus Wirutomo, a senior sociologist from University of Indonesia came to the MarkPlus Campus in Jakarta. He wanted to use our focus group room to conduct a study. The study was to discover the new set of values for Indonesia.

    He was the one who led the “mental revolution” working group for President Joko Widodo’s election campaign. Paulus told me that people might have different interpretations of a mental revolution. But what President Joko Widodo currently needs is a new set of values for Indonesia as a mental model to guide our behavior in the next five years. South Korea, for example, owns strong corporate culture in Samsung and unique pop culture in K-Pop. It all started with strong national values.

    Assisted by Daisy Indira Yasmine, Paulus did a series of focus groups at the MarkPlus Campus and other venues. Diverse groups were invited and asked for opinions. Based on the discussions, Paulus’ team drew several conclusions. The report was so comprehensive that it was 100 pages long. The three-page summary was presented to the president and handed over to the ministers.

    Paulus argues that the mental revolution must start from the government. It will serve as an inspiration and role model for the society at large. Some examples were evident: the government took strong action against illegal fishing and drug trafficking. The government believes that when such cases are properly handled, they do not need to hesitate. Those actions are aligned with “political sovereignty,” the first dimension of “Trisakti” introduced by the founding father Soekarno. The two values attached to the “political sovereignty” are trustworthiness and citizenship. The people will support a trustworthy nation that put forward its citizens’ rights, obligations and identity.

    The government also took a bold move to eliminate subsidies on gasoline and regularly change prices. It also guarantees a single price for regions outside of Java, Bali and Madura. The move reflects economic self-sufficiency, which was the second dimension of “Trisakti.” Two values represent this dimension: independency and creativity.

    We also witness the president’s prowess in promoting the country’s unique maritime development in APEC. China welcomes the concept and wishes to integrate it with the New Silk Road that is being designed. The country’s standpoint is to be close not only to the West but also to the East. That is the third dimension: cultural independence. Mutual respect and collaboration are the two values attached to it. I helped Paulus to create simple statements based on these three dimensions and six values. I argue that “Indonesia is reliable” whenever there are trustworthiness and citizenship. “Indonesia is resilient” with independency and creativity. Finally, we will realize the “Indonesia is Us” goal.

    Many government programs in the first 100 days, I believe, reflect the six values. Vertically, the government has initiated the mental revolution. I promised Paulus to socialize it to the people. We have also prepared six metrics based on 18 elements to track the mental revolution progress in the next five years. The mental revolution needs to be done to make Indonesia WOW!