Dian Sastrowardoyo
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    Interviewed after a half-day photo shoot for a cosmetic brand, Diandra Paramita Sastrowardoyo, 33, or Dian Sastro as she is popularly known, apologizes for being late, as the photo session required some extra shots. Despite being one of Indonesia’s hottest celebrities, engaged in modeling, acting, running an online catering business, she still wants to live a normal life. “I’m grateful to have a lot of things, it does makes me busy, the challenge is to be able to balance my life between work and family,” Dian says, who is also the mother of two children.

    Known best for her acting, Dian’s most notable role was as the teenager Cinta in the 2002 film Ada Apa Dengan Cinta—both a box-office success and critically acclaimed, which also spawned a sequel, Ada Apa Dengan Cinta 2, released in April. Dian’s next big role will be to play the lead role in a movie portraying Raden Adjeng Kartini, the national heroine in education and women’s rights, who lived in the 1800s. The role required special preparation, she says: “Kartini is a challenging character to play because she lived in a different era. I’m proud to be able to play her as I admire her very much.” Among her tasks for the role, Dian had to learn some Dutch and Javanese language, as well as change her behavior to fit someone from that era.

    Dian started from humble beginnings. Her first movie in 2000, Bintang Jatuh, paid her just Rp 500,000 for a filming (that only took one week). However, the movie was successful, and helped her to land other notable roles. “Actually I applied as an assistant to the producer, but they wanted an actress and I took the challenge,” Dian says. Following her success, other notable movies including Pasir Berbisik, in which she co-starred with veteran actress Christine Hakim. The film wasn’t easy to shoot. “I had to film in the desert sands of Bromo where it was cold, and also I had a difficult character to play,” Dian says.

    Being a celebrity, Dian believes that she can spread a positive message for society. “Film has a big impact on people, so I hope that I can deliver meaningful and positive messages,” Dian says. Her movie career, however, has had its ups and downs—she even stopped acting for five years. “I was looking for another challenge at that time,” Dian says, and, among other things, got married to Indraguna Sutowo, the son of a tycoon Adiguna Sutowo of the MRA Group