10 Inspiring Women
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    • Business
      Wendy Yap

      President Director & CEO, Nippon Indosari Corpindo
      Wendy Yap is President Director and Chief Executive of PT Nippon Indosari known as Sari Roti. She is on this list because she successful to bring Sari Roti to control 90% of Indonesia’s mass market bread market, with its soft white loaves, single-serving sandwiches and other items to be found in 67,000 points of sale across the country. She also success to bring the Sari Roti to the largest-ever expansion since it was founded in 1995.

      Agoes Rudianto for Forbes Indonesia

    • Business
      Dayu Dara Permata

      Co-founder, Go-Life
      After the founder of Go-Jek Nadiem makarim pitched his idea to Dayu Dara Permata, 29, to build layers of service on top of Go-Jek’s platform. Then she quit from her job and joined the Go-Jek and now she become the Co-Founder of Go-Life. Dayu dara previously worked at consultancy McKinsey before he joined with Nadiem.


    • Business
      Dewi Muliaty

      President Director, PT Prodia Widyahusada
      Dewi Mulyanti, 56, is Presiden Director of PT Prodia Widyahusada (Prodia). She started her career in the company three decades ago as an assistant manager and was appointed as president director in 2009. Under her leadership, Prodia have been recognized with many awards including having the company as the only clinical lab in the country certified by the College of American Pathologists’ Laboratory Accreditation Program—one of the highest standards in the global healthcare industry—and a successful IPO in 2016.
      Courtesy of Dewi Muliaty

    • Social
      Kusumadewi "DY" Suharya

      Founder, Yayasan Alzheimers Indonesia (Alzi)
      Kusumadewi "DY" Suharya founder of Yayasan Alzheimers Indonesia (Alzi) are helping the people who live with dementia, better known as pikun. She founded the advocacy group Yayasan Alzheimers Indonesia (Alzi) in 2013, after her mom was diagnosed with dementia. Her most successful effort is the "Jangan Maklum Dengan Pikun", which educates society on the early warning signs of dementia, and how to handle it.

      Toto Santiko Budi for Forbes Indonesia


    • Sport
      Lindswell Kwok

      Wushu Athelete
      Born in Medan, Lindswell Kwok won her first medal when she was 14. She also dubbed by President Joko Widodo as “queen of wushu”. Lindswell has won many medals and championships, most recently a gold medal at the ASEAN Games 2017 in Malaysia. She became the first wushu athlete to win a gold medal four times in a row at the ASEAN games.